Customize a silicone barbecue brush, you need to know

by:Cupidove     2020-09-23

if the barbecue is not a unique style, the significance of the barbecue will completely lose, often a lot of baking involve in the process of barbecue seasoning distribution, and silica gel barbecue brush is at present a lot of friends barbecue of choice, so what makes a silicone brush in many kitchen utensils?

main function is the product of the silicone oil brush to brush a head, the baking temperature is higher, while the use of ordinary fiber brush the long-term use of brush head almost all hair off, and nylon material for food condiment with figure is not uniform, and silica gel barbecue brush, otherwise, the material can be resistant to high and low temperature for a long time due to the silicone products, belong to the whole a integrated brush head and handle, has certain cyclic strength and softness, hard softness supple center belt just, don't lose other material of the brush.

, want how to customize a silicone brush will have to source from the silica gel products factory, generally the silicone brush production process is relatively complex type of silicone products, because of the fine particle dense brush head part, between the brush head and brush head clearance directly about a product the adult toys use effect and the appearance of the structure, and mold process by high precision in the discharge process is not to brush a head part completely, so many parts of the silicone brush will be flopping phenomenon is the detail problem of this product!

as a whole wants to find a superior silicone barbecue brush factory primary problem is to solve product toughness rebound strength, improve product strength of springback is solved the brush besmear to brush the overall coverage degree, the second is the mould clamping line and flatness of the brush head, brush a head of demoulding effect factors such as whether qualified!

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