Curing speed - changing the silicone products Shorten the molding time Improve the production efficiency

by:Cupidove     2020-09-27
How to change the silicone products curing rate, shorten the molding time, improve production efficiency. Below is by silica gel products factory for you to share these questions about the silicone products. Remember that time in the 1990 s, too much work for a young gens in guangdong, in this in the pearl river delta region, have all kinds of manufacturing industry, so many industries, there are many, but also is very not good looking for a job, then the silicone products are just into the mainland, the industry has just started to work in the silicone rubber products industry production, in the pearl river delta of silicone rubber products manufacturer also is less, a lot of people are more superficial understanding of silicone rubber products. At that time, have done the order, because the silica gel products factory is not so much, and the demand is very big, the whole market is in short supply situation. It is this situation, the group after group of talents, the talent, the main one group is a salesman, they have customer information, orders, so in the case of does not meet the status quo, and all the way to be my own boss.

, which is mainly composed of small workshops when these silicone products factory have sprung up everywhere, which is mainly composed of processing and manufacturing in the city, all kinds of price wars, marketing war begin quietly, market competition is becoming more and more fierce. And the profit is less and less, many enterprise survival space is more and more small, along with some of the problems the enterprise internal management, opposite a silicone rubber products factory, because of the capital chain did not have enough working capital, and if there is any order, all have gone bust.

different silica gel products factory, in addition to the price war at the same time, more experience in production of silica gel products factory began to study the production process, change the production process, change the production efficiency, to find their own living space in the margins of society, so there will be a change in production process like this, everyone in the continuous improvement production process, thus reducing the production cost, one of the most important thing is to improve the curing rate of silicone products, to shorten the time needed for the silicone products molding process. Increase production efficiency, and silica gel products factory today want to share with you is how to improve the silicone products curing rate, shorten the molding time, improve the production efficiency, reduce the production cost, so as to obtain reasonable profits, according to the silica gel products factory for many years production experience, can think from the following several aspects.

1。 Appropriately increase the silicone raw materials added vulcanization agent, or choose fast curing agent, to accelerate vulcanization molding silicone products;

2。 How much appropriate improve molding curing temperature, according to the product structure and decide, as long as the silicone products not deformation, if it is a silicone buttons, also note will load on the high side.

3。 Change the silicone raw materials discharge way, try to make the mold in the process of pressure, can silicone raw materials from the cavity wall gradually fill the cavity, is try to go over the entire mold rubber lining.

4。 Change the number of exhaust gas and the exhaust stroke, the debugging work experience requirements is higher, because as a rule, the larger the exhaust stroke, the exhaust, the more will be more conducive to exhaust. But it is not the case, need according to the structure of the product to decide, some silicone products exhaust stroke a bubble will appear adverse instead, while little is solved.

5。 Using vacuum vulcanizing machine production, if there is no vacuum vulcanizing agent, the best in the exhaust pipe to pry mode, to assist the exhaust.

6。 Molding operator to speed up the operation, to minimize the time outside, to stabilize the silicone mold temperature, improve the cure rate of silica gel products.

these guidelines is to summarize some production experience, the follow-up and many more questions about production technology, for all to share many, many benefits oh.

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