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Cupidove Adult Toys, Bringing A Lot of Fun For Your Life

Cupidove Adult Toys, Bringing A Lot of Fun For Your Life


So, you want to spice up your life in your bedroom. It sounds like a lot of fun and it definitely is! But, if you don't know anything about which toys do what, picking the right ones can be a little daunting. The idea of walking into an adult pleasure toys shop can be absolutely terrifying in the beginning, I know. Thankfully there are plenty of websites for those of us experimentalists who tend to fall on the shy side. One such site is which has a variety to chose from. Don't worry, This site is great for beginners and the choices aren't overwhelming. Before you make a purchase, however, lets go through a few of these products and what they do, that way you'll have a better idea of what you want before you click the purchase button.


First up on our list is Cupidove adult toys handheld wand massage vibrator. You might be thinking "What in the world does that mean?" This particular device has a sleek and slender body, and no extra bells and whistles on the outside, which is great for beginners. it's made from silicon which makes using it extremely simple. It is rechargeable via USB which is great for discrete charging. This toy is also waterproof and has 12 modes of vibration so if The shower is where you enjoy your you time then this adult pleasure toys is a great option for you!


Next we'll get into the Rabbit Vibrators. Cupidove adult toys has a few option in this category so i'll start by defining the main characteristics of a rabbit vibrator. The Rabbit vibrator still has a long slender body like the classic style i described above, however, this style has another smaller body attached to the main body that is there to externally stimulate the clitoris while the main body still stimulates internally. Many women swear by these Rabbit Vibrators and though I don't currently own one i'll definitely be looking into getting one now! The Rotating Rabbit vibe is the first in our rabbit section. The wand shaft has up to 7 power options and the rabbit shaft has 12 options and is slightly curved to more easily reach the g-spot. You can also change the direction of rotation on this device.


The Silicon penis rabbit vibrator is similar to our previous product, however, the rabbit shaft on this toy comes to a point for more precise stimulation of the g-spot with 12 vibration options, and doesn't offer the option to change the direction of the vibrations. It does, however, have a waterproof silicon body, and usb rechargeable battery. This rabbit vibrator is another great beginners option!


Alright, so I think you Understand the Rabbit Vibrators so I'll move on to our next category of Sec Toys, The wand. Most wands are meant for external clitoral stimulation like this silicon wand by Cupidove adult toys, it has 10 vibration modes and a rechargeable battery. These wands also have soft silicon bodies just like our rabbit vibrators, adding a silky feel to your experience. The head of a wand is usually very wide which is why wands are meant for external stimulation and not for penetration. Wands are great for those who enjoy stimulation but don't want penetration.


Our next wand is really interesting because it can be used for both external and internal stimulation unlike most wands you will find. If you've already tried other vibrators and are looking for something different then the Q-Adela is for you! and if lubrication is a concern for you then hop into your shower because the Q-Adela is completely waterproof! But this silky silicon body and head will make insertion simple and pleasurable o matter where you decide to use it!


While we're on the topic of external stimulation, lets go over a more discreet product for clitoral stimulation. If you'd like to get a little kinky, Cupidove adult toys also sells a remote controlled silicon vibrator. This is a compact device that can slip into your panties and has 10 vibration options. It's travel friendly and slips easily into your purse, making it easy to get a little naughty no matter where you are! This adult pleasure toys is also great for spicing up your love life as well! Just let your partner control the vibrations for you, it's wonderful for building a more intimate connection!


Similar to our remote controlled vibrator is Cupidove's sexual stimulater/massage tool. Along with its obvious use of clitoral stimlulation, this adult pleasure toys has a smooth silicon body and a compact curved shape that also makes this toy perfect for nipple stimulation as well. It is completely shower safe and the soft bristles on one side turn this toy into a great massage tool for your neck and shoulders! That is some great versatility!


For those who would like to go a little further into their exploration of Sexual pleasure, The next adult pleasure toys i'm going to introduce is Kegal Balls. These are usually two balls, sometimes weighted, that are attatched via a string made of silicon or plastic. They are inserted into the vagina while lying in a comfortable position. From there you can do pelvic exercises, have some foreplay with your partner, or simple go about your day or evening. Kegal balls typically enhance the sensation of whatever you are doing, but they have also been traditionally used for pelvic strengthening, so this fun adult pleasure toys doubles up as an exercise tool! If you have read the 50 shades of Grey Trilogy, Kegal balls are used by Anastasia Steele. They are great when used in foreplay with a partner, and create an atmosphere of intimacy. No mater your relationship status, kegal balls are a great addition to any adult pleasure toys collection!


Now I know that so far, all the Toys have been geared towards women, sorry boys, but Cupidove does have a small selection of toys for men as well. First up is Cupidove's vibrating cock ring. It's pretty much what it sounds like. The device goes around the Penis and is controlled with 10 vibration options to keep the penis erect. It's compact shape also turns this into a couples adult pleasure toys because it can provide clitoral stimulation as well. The vibrating cock ring is usb rechargeable and is completely waterproof, perfect for those intimate couples showers!


Next we have the Q-ORGM, a vibrating butt plug for men. This quiet, silicon device is waterproof and has 10 vibration options, The silicon body makes insertion easy and pleasurable, along with a reasonable girth and length that wont be terrifyingly large for beginners. To those men who like to expiriment, this is also a great opportunity to build intimacy with your partner as well. As iv'e said to the ladies, let your partner control or insert the device for you and build that intimate connection between you.


Cupidove adult toys offers a variety of toys for beginners so don't be afraid to head over to their website and purchase some new adult pleasure toys to help you discover and explore your sexual fantasies!

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