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Cupidlove's Best Silicone Sex Toys Reviews

Cupidlove's Best Silicone Sex Toys Reviews


The Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator


The unique and innovative Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator promises to take you to new levels of pleasure. The soft silicone material gives a silky and lifelike feel to this vibrator. It has 3 motors, each providing a different type of stimulation. Like a typical vibrator, the shaft gives off a deep and pleasurable vibration. This toy comes with 2 special surprises also. The ribbed midsection of this toy pushes in and out, giving an intense thrusting feeling which mimics the sensation of the real thing. While your vagina is being massaged and stimulated by the intense internal movements, the external vibrator will tease your clitoris to bring you to new orgasmic heights. All of these sensations will combine to bring you to reach powerful orgasms, and the 4 hour battery life will make sure your run out of energy before your toy.




If your man is ready to take his orgasm to new heights, and he is open to some adventure, the Q-ORGM might be the gift for him. This vibrating butt plug is perfect for experimenting with some back door pleasure. The silicone male sex toys inserts into his anus with the help of some lubricant, and the shape allows the toy to comfortable remain there. Once the toy is in place, the pleasure can begin. The deep internal vibrations of the toy will awaken new sensations, as the toy rests against the prostate. Most men have never had their prostate stimulated, which is a shame because it's the male G-spot. This toy will tease your prostate with powerful vibrations and will give a new definition to powerful as you climax. Many men often find themselves actually screaming out with pleasure the first time they experience prostate stimulation.




The Q-Adela Smart wand vibrator is one of the best hand-held toys on the market today. The curved shape is perfect for stimulating your clitoris with the vibrating head while comfortably holding it. This toy is great for the warm-up, but you can double the fun because the opposite of the head is a shaft that can be inserted to bring the pleasure inside. You can take turns bringing yourself to orgasm with only your clitoris and then give yourself a powerful internal orgasm. This toy is also waterproof, so it can go with you into the shower or even the tub. This toy is really 2 toys in one, so definitely worth a try.


Silicone Sex Toys with Beaded Rotation


These brand new silicone sex toys have 3 innovative ways to take your orgasm higher. The midsection of the shaft has rotating beads for an intense rolling sensation that must be felt to be described. Along with that, the rotating head really stirs things up inside. Those 2 sensations would be enough, but the external clitoral stimulation will be the cherry on top that will have you waking up your neighbors. The silky silicone feel will remind you of the real thing, and the long lasting battery will ensure that this toy will keep you up for hours.


Vibrating Cock Ring


This type of silicone sex toys is a useful tool that both of you will enjoy. This ring is worn over the penis, and the firm grip will ensure that your erection stays as hard as a rock. As if a full erection wasn't enough, this cock ring also vibrates while you wear it to provide a vibration that you will both enjoy. As an added bonus, when the penis is completely inserted, the vibrating part of the device will rest right against her clitoris. A regular penis will never be the same after a she's tried a rock hard vibrating clitoris stimulating penis. That could be your penis.


Wearable Rabbit Clitoral Vibrator


This discrete little toy is when you need to enjoy some low-key pleasure. This small toy can tuck discretely into the panties, and just one button controls 10 different power levels. From a gentle clitoral massage to powerful orgasmic waves, this little toy can do some great things. This rechargeable toy is quiet, so only your heavy breathing might give it away. This tiny little friend can tuck neatly into your purse, but I also recommend bringing a change of panties unless you want to feel the wetness all day.


Alisa Female Stimulator


For some discrete hand-held fun, you can't beat Alisa. This small yet powerful vibration tool packs a real punch, and it's contoured to be perfect for clitoral stimulation. It delivers deceptively powerful vibration waves, but is quiet enough to use if you have roommates. You will need to bite your lip to keep yourself quiet, so good luck. Perhaps the best feature is that this toy can also be used to gently exfoliate your skin, so it's not going to embarrass you if airport security has to check your bag.


T-Una Kegel Balls


If you want to kick your sex life up to a higher gear, you need to exercise with the silicone sex toys. Rather than riding the stationary bike, though, you need to be exercising your vagina. You vaginal muscles, or kegel muscles, can make sex more pleasurable. Women who exercise their kegel muscles have vaginas which begin and stay tighter during sex. This can make the experience better for him, as he suddenly feels a more youthful and tight vagina. It also makes sex better for her, as stronger kegel muscles result in far stronger orgasms. These kegel balls can help you take your workouts to new heights and squeeze your vagina into great new heights. These balls have two different weights for you to practice with, and as you use them you'll find you are able to hold them in longer and tighter.




Made of 100% waterproof silicone, the Q-Daphne can go with you into the shower or tub, and give you endless wet pleasure. The perfectly silicone sex toys curved shaft feels amazing while the vibrations provide powerful stimulation directly on your G-spot. The extreme curve allows you to push the pressure to new heights as you enjoy the 7 different powerful vibrations. While your insides are screaming, the clitoral stimulation is teasing you with powerful vibrations that only add to the pleasure. In short, you'll hit the ceiling.



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