Crops and silicone material has the same characteristics - What is true or false

by:Cupidove     2020-09-10

vegetable farmers friends buy pesticides, dealers will recommend organic silicon fertilizer, so the organic silicon what's the use?

organic silicon, broad sense, refers to contain SI - C key, and at least one is organic group directly linked to the silicon atoms compounds known as organic silicon compounds. And application of organic silicon in agriculture began to commercial until the 1980 s, the wide application of organic silicon, made huge contribution to agricultural development. Why say so?

farmers friends all know that in the process of crop management, pesticide is what we have to use, in order to improve the effect of pesticide use, then add in pesticide pesticide synergist. Pesticide synergist is a kind of important additives, pesticides in itself is inactive, but with the corresponding pesticide combination, can significantly improve the utilization rate of pesticides. And organic silicon is the most widely used in the present agricultural production a builder, a mixture of organic silicon fertilizer and pesticide what characteristics?

1。 Organic silicon excellent wetting properties, make solution spreading rapidly in leaf area, enhance the adhesion of liquids, improve the utilization rate of pesticide, reduce the loss of liquid to avoid pesticides seeping into the ground and cause water pollution.

2。 Organic silicon fertilizer can obviously enhance the liquid in the plant or insect pests surface adhesion force and exhibition, and improve the utilization rate of pesticide, to speed up the absorption of insect pests to pesticide, a certain extent, improve the insecticidal effect, so as to reduce the number of spray to reduce pesticide use.

3。 Organic silicon promote uptake agents through the pores penetration, improve the resistance to the rains washed out, after the rain does not need to spray.

4。 Can reduce pesticide use and water consumption per unit area, reduce the pollution of pesticide, reduce the pesticide residue. Can and insecticide, fungicide and plant growth regulator.

the problem again, organic silicon material can be used as and silica gel products is material and a variety of materials can be used as auxiliary materials, since it mixes with pesticide effect is so good, so our farmers friends play any pesticides can add organic silicon fertilizer? Obviously not!

here do not rule out some of the purpose of agricultural materials dealers in order to make money selling silicone intentionally, because the organic silicon fertilizer plus does not and will not have any adverse effects, this is also the reason of agricultural materials dealers who strongly recommended. So farmers friends exactly how to choose?

。 Not all pesticides to add additives

some pesticides in the process of production is already added some surfactants, and these pesticides if when use, again add organic silicon and other additives that may cause the adr.

B。 In practical use rather less not more

the use amount of organic silicon must be used in strict accordance with the instructions, do not arbitrarily increasing concentration, easy to cause the adr. At the same time when applying pesticide, best before 10 o 'clock in the morning, after 4 o 'clock in the afternoon, avoid high temperature.

although silicon is needed to make plants grow trace elements, and to participate in the growth of plant cells, but isn't silicon plant growth must elements, with silicon crops would grow better, no don't cause too big effect, organic silicon used on agriculture, just as a kind of additives, rather than used to supplement the silicon, this need to farmers friend to clear.

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