Creative silica gel zero wallet why can compared with other material

by:Cupidove     2020-08-22

innovation is now the primary appeal of this age, different industry products of different brands and different technology update out generation after generation of products, and silicone products is not exceptional also, don't you have some new things didn't get the market, said here that will have to le le now silicone wallet, purse bag, countless competition, while the silicone purse for a column, the main reason is because not material and brand leather material and silicone wallet mainly based on the new innovation is given priority to, so today to explain 'silicone wallet' did you know?

silicone wallet mainly delicate, innovation, only beautiful appearance to attract consumers, and different brand bag and women-only purse is small and convenient, delicate and beautiful, receive what give priority to, so as a decoration and brand than it does not have the upper hand, and as a gift promotion silicone products do a good product, it has several advantages in recent years as sales of other products.

the first price is the main, the price of the product in silicone rubber products industry has always been not far off the mark, and compared with other rare high-end precision products industry, the price is not comparable, so it is the only one advantage is that a popular is cheap, everyone need to use good, especially for the students to consider the issue will be attracted from appearance!

followed by material: environmental protection is an important factor in global development, so everyone knows advocate green environmental protection and safety is given priority to, silica gel products material is not as you wish? In recent years, in addition to small silicone purse, silicone in consumer goods and daily necessities of life has a very good development, the dosage is not poor purse other accessories, so environmental protection colorless, tasteless material defines it, it is this kind of silicone purse!

technology innovation: silica gel bags mainly by rubber, hardware and zipper or sewing and so on several process, technology and innovation is the main core technology zero wallet, now the technology of silicone purse can be dozens of hundreds of technology, hardware package glue, silica gel zipper wallet, magnet suction or structure model and so on, the surface processing technology and color patterns can be comprehensive, so it's not bad to other product reputation, is the innovation of poor thing!

in terms of practical: receive a classified, soft springback, hockey wear, to receive a small item, key coin and so on are very practical, go out shopping to wear it with small items for you, why don't have good?

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