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by:Cupidove     2020-09-09

remember when played with black and white video games? A touch is not rest a day, as the change of the intelligent technology, now let us in the market of it is difficult to found the game experience, it also gradually is designed with each passing day, can't find the feeling, but as time changes in the development of science and technology, now everyone don't have to worry about can not find the original feeling, in order to find the original sense of game experience, by the American stylist designed a plug-in silica gel protective sleeve, set up later will overthrow you another kind of experience of the game.

according to the understanding of the design is now a large number of capital investment, the silica gel protective sleeve is called the G PAD is mainly applied to the iphone, the design is in place with mild apple mobile phone screen, cover on the Game operation could be carried out directly, without directly removed, will gradually in the design of the subsequent design products for all kinds of machines as a customer experience on apple mobile phones can clean the experience the feeling of this kind of mobile phone sets, buttons are basically identical with the original Game Boy's buttons, but environmental non-toxic silica gel products button, silicone material was chosen as the silicone is a kind of environmental pollution-free and button surface is smooth, the key is to allow customers to experience a good sense of touch.

we used black and white console key performance good enough though is made of silicone but over the years the development of the silica gel, slowly can design various suitable silicone buttons up to now the silica gel protective sleeve can have a good result and experience, is now our smartphone gaming experience did a lot better than before, but on the touch screen is hard to get the seat, don't have a good physical feelings, playing games is not pleasure, now the appearance of the silica gel protective sleeve combined with smartphone running performance that is not a game everyone was looking for childhood game?

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