Creative new product without silica gel products of the company

by:Cupidove     2020-09-09

now many creative design easy to use and are not his, but also do not forget to adopt green with many creative products above silica gel as auxiliary material, we have to get to know a few below. Recently appeared a good solar charger. It mainly to convert the energy of sunlight to heat, made of silica gel adsorption pad with jack, with a USB cable directly inserted into the hole can be recharged, absolutely is a very environmental protection a creative charger, it don't have to find jack, where the sun, just have a glass!

a lot of friends all know that in the outdoor travel forget take water cup, without the trouble of glass cup, when washing out don't want to take too much of a drinking glass, also want to elegant and have moral integrity to drink or wash then recommend the portable small cup, the cup is aimed at the green compact convenient production, about the size of a palm, when not directly put in my pocket, clear green let it give our feeling is green environmental protection silicone products, production way USES the food grade silica gel, you move?

juicer, as you know, for a small amount of fruit juice is not so good food, so choose a manual juicer, this product is mainly designed for no hands and cut fruit holding yank can squeeze out water, very convenient and practical, the material is also made by silicone products.

silica gel adsorption ability strong, designers use to make the beer cap silicone products, probably all have not seen, at ordinary times we are using metal seal, beer cover and beer placed too long will let his alcohol volatile, beer will be degenerative, although some are added beer silica molecules, but don't have good sealing will metamorphic expired, beer and silicone cover the main function is to prevent it appear volatile phenomenon, avirulent environmental protection material, is also a good creative green products!

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