Control form, the dongguan silicone products factory product data analysis

by:Cupidove     2020-09-01

in the present form to run, rubber sales ranking in the world of rubber and metal products sales of our basic ranked first in the world, in auto parts, industrial suspension parts, medical industry, supplies accessories, and so on, sales of large in our country, for some production in the majority, not sophisticated products made in China is known to all, has been breakthrough in technology level above the European and American countries and surrounding some economically developed countries, so in terms of silica gel products industry, the domestic is also great demand for the development of domestic, many small and medium-sized silicone products manufacturer to seize the opportunity in the domestic rapid development, growing.

from the perspective of the forms of the future, in our country, the development of the rubber speed growth rate is very high, and some of the silicone products manufacturer only in recent years in domestic sales opportunity has almost become a kind of don't know the scale of production and trade company, the dosage of solid silicone rubber production in guangdong area amounted to 30 million tons annual consumption, is now domestic small-scale silicone products manufacturer sales, and now with the silica gel supplies the design together, not bad in dosage industrial silicone rubber products, silicone rubber development situation at home, at present is one of the most solid dosage of silicone rubber industrial manufacturing, medical equipment, supplies, accessories is more, the several aspects on the technology level has yet to be promoted, some high precision products still need to import material, so it's very important to design for the product research and development, to develop a new accessories, supplies for a silicone products manufacturer is very important.

in south China guangdong area of dongguan manufacturing industry development is rapid, many suppliers are mainly aimed at an industry production supplies, such as to a listed company's long-term supply of industrial electronic components. Seal products and so on, and also has a lot of manufacturers see single orders, as long as reasonable design mold design not too high requirements on the supply, from the point of the current situation, we should learn the dosage of the silicone rubber in the majority, analysis of user experience, which kind of product is better, and so on, a lot of rubber products is also gradually replaced the waste silicone products, much more is to analyze the irreplaceable product and replaced product categories.

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