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by:Cupidove     2020-08-30
Daily shampoo to become one of the most not the lack of daily necessities of life, and in recent years, many netizens were whispering in the shampoo is too many times will have harm to the hair is good or after use, becoming a problem to be lost, and a recent article, 'silicone oil shampoo, with long over! 'Let the silicone products manufacturer small make up wondering, greenhouse vegetables silicone food contains push model agent, not like to eat, smoke causes cancer, as someone smoking, as someone dye the hair color/cancer issue, so today formally science about silicone shampoo silicone oil to you!

silicone oil for ordinary people is an unknown substances, and for professionals, is a kind of baby! Silicone oil also have different components and composition, and shampoo silicone oil on the shampoo packing is poly dimethyl siloxane, and that's what consumers want hair smooth, soft touch point to add material, and silicone oil is a viscous liquid, insoluble in water but what shampoo additives in the miscibility, after consulting the shampoo technology research and development, they say: the effect of silicone oil after hair adsorbed tightly closer, let the hair on the smaller gap shrinks, so each hair but appear cross tie, hair naturally smooth.

once a university professor, said hair shampoo using too many or lead to soil close too long, appear hair loss phenomenon, so it is silicone oil shampoo hair too tight caused hair loss phenomenon, although the phenomenon do exist, but there are various types of silicone oil and brand, and experts say, different brand and the amount of silicone oil and concentration is different, if you feel that the brand of very soft after washing, can change other kinds, if only use a shampoo for a long time, the same kind of silicone oil on the hair deposit is much, can appear the wash the oil situation!

truth silicone oil is not a harm to human body, however, is often used in the silicone products and chemical industry and other industries, it does not dissolve in water, basic does not dissolve in any material, and has been used for a long time may deposit out of another kind of effect, such as hair loss, hair quality is bad, but the global containing silicone oil shampoo to occupy the market by more than 95%, the heart of beauty is no, who doesn't want to dress up a little bit better to oneself? So small make up just suggest shampoo need not too frequent, suitable to wash good!

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