Common these things, you can also get in the sex life

by:Cupidove     2020-04-08
Common things around you and can also be used in sex life is time: 2020 - 03 - 06 source: author: reading: in order to be able to have the high quality of sexual life, now a lot of people are looking for. Some people will start from their own, by improving their physical fitness and sexual technique to obtain better sex experience, while others are more easy and convenient with the help of outside force, by some external means to help themselves to the corresponding sex process of ascension. And among these methods, including some in fact, we are very familiar with the existence of at ordinary times, these common things in our daily unexpectedly can also be used to close contact with our partner or add joy to our own, is to let a person feel very wonderful. For many people, for example, a dildo is supposed to be more common, and a lot of friend at the time of using the existence, also being creative in your side to find similar products to assist sexual activity. Which should be the most famous is the cucumber, that we all like to eat vegetables at ordinary times, in such a case, because of their long and thin shape and surface of prickly, won the welcome of a lot of women, cheap high quality of the vegetable, plus a condom seems to be a lot of parity of the female choice. Of fruits and vegetables, and in addition, there are many similar things also be compared to the same use. Such as eggplant and so on is also very common existence of this kind of method of use, different diameter also makes users have different choices. And there are some sex toys is that we may be unable to imagine, now in the ancient Egypt have a pretty woman, known as cleopatra, feels his harem life is quite lonely at that time, and in order to overcome loneliness add pleasure to own, the cleopatra is invented a driven by bees vibration body jump egg fibrillation contraption. Will live bees wax seal into a closed spherical vessel, then the spherical container into the body inside, so live bees to want to go out and desperately vibration of wings, will drive the ball for a variety of postures and frequency vibration in the body, making the user get corresponding pleasure itself. Such a quite difficult operating mode, should also is many people could not be copied, imagine this kind of method, is to let a person feel is quite interesting. As is known to all, sex life has been more and more be taken seriously in the modern society, there are more and more companies begin to pay close attention to people's sexual demand, trend of development in the future, there will always be more people to understand and be able to accept the sex toys, in addition to the cheap the products, also can choose higher quality, can bring about a better experience of sex toys with high quality. Life in the future path of development, people's sexual experience will be better and better.
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