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by:Cupidove     2020-09-22

when it comes to the silicone tea, now few people know the silicone products, basic in our daily life, however, like tea friends may know, silicone tea machine main he took to the filtering effect, we are now commonly used in metal and wooden tea ware material above the majority, silicone silicone products for some of the very few contact friends may not know, this is because the silicone products visibility without some metal or other material more popularity.

silicone tea is mainly produced by using environmental protection silicone material forming, high quality material to make this product in use more like this kind of products, due to the use of imported food grade silicone, corrosion resistance, can be in high and low temperature situation soak for a long time, so in terms of features make it have a long life, can be high temperature resistant silicone products - 40 to 200 degrees or so, so you don't have to worry about our silicone products will appear all sorts of problems.

silicone tea has a variety of colors and general silicone products manufacturer has can use all sorts of color according to the requirements of customers to make different tea, in this link, it specifically conducted an experiment, with around 90 ° water to soak three days later, we still won't appear fade phenomenon of silica gel products, of course, if there are any improper production factory, so may lead to unauthorised use inferior materials production and processing products appear fade even may bring people security problems, environmental non-toxic silicone products, silicone products in our life also have a lot, especially on some kitchen supplies, daily necessities, such as above apply a bit more!

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