Clear the difference between the solid silica gel products and liquid in where

by:Cupidove     2020-08-17

there are many different kinds of silicone molding process, a lot of times some families silicone products and silicone kitchen utensils and so on use of two common craft, solid and liquid two ways as the molding process, and the difference between the two lies in the different products with different environment and use, such as silicone tooth glue, silica gel adult toys supplies, as well as some commonly used more safety, daily necessities and so on contact body solid silica gel products are used for a variety of different areas, the daily necessities, electronic silica gel parts, miscellaneous pieces of silicone etc all can use.

the difference between the solid and liquid and the function is:

liquid silicone: liquid silicone is relatively solid for high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber, as the liquid rubber, has good liquidity, sulfide is fast, more safe environmental protection, can fully meet the requirements of food grade.

solid silica gel: solid silica gel is a kind of cell type and the elasticity of polymer materials, has a high temperature resistant, cold resistant, solvent resistance, towering resistance, resistance to glue, electrical insulation, chemical industry and so on characteristics, has a wide application range.

solid silica gel products compared with liquid silicone products:

appearance: just as its name implies is liquid silicone liquid state, liquid. Solid silica gel is a solid, not liquid.

security: liquid silicone is high transparent high security of food grade material, molding without adding curing agent and other auxiliary materials, sealed feeding forming. Solid silica gel is transparent environmental protection material, molding need to add curing agent vulcanization molding time, open mode feeding forming.

liquid forming method:

is liquid silicone injection molding liquid silicone rubber ( LSR) : the full name for the injection molding liquid silicon rubber, curing equipment for injection moulding machine.

the injection molding machine has a technological process is very simple, Don't need to be in the process of high temperature glue ingredients, mixing, blanking, material and process, only one of the workers take products) , the products are high precision, All artificial program before molding all replaced by a machine) , high yield, A/B glue mixing under A certain temperature for A few seconds to shape) , province, the province electricity, materials and so on many advantages, can produce all glue products.

solid silicone molding process:

is pieces of solid materials, silicone products manufacturer by adding the vulcanizing agent and color color mixer glue mixing in cutting machine cutting into products and mold the right size and thickness, a mold, after pressure molding machine under a certain temperature. Stripping along the lines of the plastic products, also need to clean up the mold and so on.

how to distinguish between liquid silicone and solid silica gel products: high transparency liquid silicone products, no peculiar smell, products have the injection gate, no obvious moulding line and burrs defective, relatively more sophisticated appearance without aperture.

low transparency, solid silica gel products have cover the smell of the vulcanizing agent, vulcanizing agent or other products without the injection gate, made of die set up product has certain clamping die part take out stitches from the article.

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