Cleansing instrument you may have seen, but this kind of silicone cleansing instrument estimate that you have not seen!

by:Cupidove     2020-08-19

I believe you familiar with silicone cleansing instrument has been, however, as early as a few years ago have hot style nala cleansing instrument has been popular all over the world, but with more foreign friends, in the domestic use or not too optimistic, but there is a reason! That's because the price is higher, many consumers feel to spend the money is not worth to buy a small skin care products, so the common people don't choose, but there are many famous brand goods later brand and third-rate cleansing instrument for hot sale on the Internet, make consumers make up our minds, how to choose, so today said the small make up this product must be allows you to learn!

inface sonic cleansing instrument officially released on June 24, inface sonic cleansing instrument in millet millet's products have a product launch platform, jing is the product to you is more than just a little, for special attention to the welfare of the ladies!

for the silicone cleansing instrument market, the lack is novelty and selling points, now you can see many of the products are long are almost the same, but the main selling point is the product! Gradient silica gel, more deep waterproof, high frequency sound wave vibration motors, precision cleaning area!

choose gradient silica gel deep precision cleaning material aspects, choose dow corning food-grade silicone products raw materials production, can achieve more than food grade certificate by national environmental monitoring, so can be at ease use, sectional gradient mainly choose four different gradients are combined, the selling point is not only the local products to attract consumers, coupled with a color change product changes the head size of the brush head can be divided into ordinary to the deep cleansing area, brush direction 15 ° to 0 ° slope design, joint face pore growth direction, clean up more accurate!

high frequency vibration and MCU treatment agent, carrying the jinlong efficient acoustic motor, tungsten gold pendulum with motor and control reasonable revolutions, reduce skin pressure. Import force feedback button, accord with human body engineering design, general cleansing instrument the vibration of the revolution in 2000, while the inface sonic cleansing instrument 5000 turn, preferable to the effect of cleaning and face more comfortable, high-strength waterproof, waterproof deep degree reaches 1. More 5 meters, silicone waterproof design! Life aspect, > 300 mah battery capacity, with a case in the morning, and three months on a single charge, a charging time is about three to four hours

but the main product price, estimates that a lot of friends on the price of this product have been speculation may be beyond your imagination, so the product has product platform is about to release in millet, the millet products believe that everybody should know that made the national people's praise of the good price products, this kind of silicone cleansing instrument purchase price 89 yuan, is affordable for every consumer use of cost-effective products!

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