Classified explanation of raw materials, silicone products

by:Cupidove     2020-08-16

as we all know the application of silica gel and extensive, environment are used in various situation, can be said to be a lot of useful, we think not both inorganic silica gel and organic silicone, in our life, work, products, military industry and so on has the long-term use, with the development of the society, we need a lot of places to prevent damp phenomenon by inorganic silica gel to moistureproof, silica gel has good adsorption ability, can is a kind of highly reactive chemicals, we have a lot of things need to paste and can use silicon sol to produce adhesive, some industrial parts above your parts need of superior performance of solid silica gel to produce silicone accessories, and silica gel is divided into many types, generally are two organic silicone and inorganic silica gel, in which subdivided many kinds of silicone products.

inorganic silica gel is a kind of amorphous chemical adsorption force strong, according to various chemical compounds in the form of performance out of a variety of structural material, can be the difference for the big hole, hole, coarse, B silica gel, and so on, the more it has the use of various performance and USES can be divided into, silica sol, medical glue, beer glue, color glue, adsorption pimpled rubber, etc. , according to the application of his all sorts of performance without seats used above, we many medical glue is mainly USES in the medical cosmetic, body parts repair, etc. , colloidal silica is mainly used to adhesives used above, beer rubber is mainly used for power beer filtration effect, we are now many are using rubber beer diatomite filtration of beer can make the beer is more bright and more clear. Adsorption glue is we use the most common type of desiccant main purpose to prevent moisture, prevent dryness, major appliance instrument, dry food, aspects of corrosion effect, use performance is very strong.

the purpose of the organic silicone is mainly to practical performance, it has a very wide range of production methods, main use is as some auxiliary tools and common equipment, etc. , according to some silicone products factory production and processing, built mainly to make some good performance of silicone products, with outstanding performance, to make the silicone products have all sorts of places in the application of organic silicone is used silicon atoms and some organic groups mixed refining and chemical mixing machine, performance can be in and beyond the products of rubber and plastic material, it is mainly divided into silicone rubber, silicone, resin and silane agent several categories, some common products and we are in the midst of life is made of silicone rubber, its processing technology and and extensive, common, plastic extrusion, molding, liquid injection, generally in all areas of their practical performance is strong, common acquaintanceship point is also very much, almost the same performance, relatively different in material hardness in color, forming process is also different, so all kinds of products will be used in a variety of production technology to produce, such as extrusion silicone shell do the length of the product reached more than 1000 mm, and molded silicone molding machine production, to reach such a long size, while liquid silicone hardness - can be achieved 40 degrees, so they are all have their own role in the performance and characteristics.

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