Choose the silicone bracelet, silicone accessories what tips

by:Cupidove     2020-08-28

as the saying goes, the heart of beauty is no, there shall be no boast heart, act the role ofing, as a kind of wear gifts to become the love of friends, a lot of beautiful decoration as boom summer wear jewelry accessories market wave, bracelet, necklace has become our memory of a kind of accessories, for a lot of friends want to more environmentally friendly, color is more beautiful, the material is unique that also belongs to 'silica gel ornaments' silicone products as a new type of environmental material, contemporary pop, in the absence of the daily necessities of life has not, so the silicone bracelet necklace with art also in constant innovation and change, so whenever something is chosen more natural comment and requirement is much, silicone bracelet jewelry is very popular in the market at present, the natural for will not low.

a friend asked how the right to choose a perfect silicone products? Such as our silicone bracelet is very popular in the market, and the price gap between up and down, so to speak, in the not well-known retail stores also can buy a few cents, in the brand shop store hundreds of pieces of pure silica gel hand ring will be in, so how to choose the right silicone products, I think a lot of friends want to learn about, that small make up on this through a bottom, for purchase of silica gel products is the most main is not famous brand or unknown DeTanEr, but whether the material can pass, every performance is unqualified, material of the above we can come from analysis of the disadvantages and advantages of the silicone accessories!

a lot of friends when you buy the silicone products all don't know how to judge whether it is qualified, so you can from the following several methods to understand, the first smell very heavy, general silicone materials are non-toxic tasteless, we can determine if there is a smell that is not silicone products manufacturer in baking, with long-term use of smell smell will appear on the skin allergic phenomenon, and feel very heavy, the long-term contact friends may know the silicone products, silicone rubber material better such as high tensile strength, toughness is very sufficient resilience is good use for a long time will not deformation, while the common silicone feel is somewhat different, toughness, use for a long time in compound material aging rate will increase quickly, the third can see the product appearance whether there is sundry or color deviation, whether the size shrink too much, since the open side whether the details of the burrs is too large, general high quality silica gel products will not have burrs or rough phenomenon, the surface is very smooth.

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