Chocolate cake silicone food how to choose

by:Cupidove     2020-04-25

chocolate cake silicone products food how to choose

food mould is important to safe environmental protection, silica gel can be divided into industrial silicone environmental protection silicone molding two kinds, the former belongs to the environmental protection, silica gel with mixed curing agent, curing agent some smell, the latter for the environmental protection silicone, a kind of food mold silica gel is the latter, more strict,

so, how to select the appropriate food silica gel? First to make sure that silica gel is environmentally friendly, want to have the FDA food grade certification, in addition to that, even in terms of high and low temperature resistance, testing, in general, food mold silicone high temperature of about 300 degree, low temperature - 60 are fine, so good food mold silicone whether chocolate cake, or Popsicle products, can be used when the mould, the price of the mold silicone products diversification, there are 30,50,80,100 even a few hundred, silica gel this kind of chemical product, technology and material choice is very important, so, in general is a penny a points goods, have a need to know in detail can contact me

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