Children silicone bowl, silica gel tableware use safety

by:Cupidove     2020-09-23
Many people say plastic material radioactive toxin, although there are through special processing TPU material can reach environmental protection level product, but also can let consumer concerns, so it is a way for parents to worry about, 'children's safe silicone bowl? Baby 'for many parents, the choice between then said to the silicone kitchen utensils here is really safe? How can you prove a silicone products is safe?

first silicone products material in articles for daily use is referred to as the national environmental protection standard authentication material, so the material to produce products are likely to be influential than other plastic products, and about the silicone bowl production custom processing way by the same token, the production method, mixing, vulcanization molding and secondary sulfide three to process the most important is the key to ensure the quality and quality, its main ingredient in raw material for silica ( It combination reaction has conflict with any material not) And white carbon black, silicone oil, silicone material combination.

since the silicone will not conflict with any material react with liquid so to ensure the stability and safety performance, due to the stability of good product also presents its features, such as high and low temperature resistant, silicone tableware can under the high temperature disinfection and cleaning can also be placed in the refrigerator to freeze, soft and comfortable, the product has good rebound strength and toughness strength, can use for a long time not deformation, bending springback strength back and forth good convenient cleaning, environmental non-toxic and design more diversified colors and shapes can attract children's attention!

toxic and about silicone products? Clear inform you that your silica gel is avirulent environmental protection material, from the silica gel products factory production in the raw material mix can pass any test certification report environmental monitoring, so for the silicone bowl can be rest assured the safe use for children.

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