Children's protective appliances using silica gel products material is not reliable

by:Cupidove     2020-09-16

naughty is now the children's nature, with the growing of age at a certain age who has a naughty side, do something unreasonable destructive, it's also become the parents often worry about some things, a few days ago, according to the silicone small make up to know, online buzz to their children always naughty often take home something broke, the teeth of some dirty thing, a parent, said his family of the handle is made of metal, the child every day running around in the home, often accidentally touched his head the handle, the sharp edge of the door handle hard, touched the baby's face is spent, so bought a silica gel door cover on top but children always want to bite it, don't know this kind of silicone products by unreliable.

these problems as a professional silicone products manufacturer small make up to answer for you, for now the protection problems are of quite a few children can use the silicone material for use as a protective tool, such as just beginning to study using a pencil with a mouth to bite written, walk also don't every corner of the round table and chair is more dangerous, so now a lot of silicone products manufacturer for infant and young child protection devices have a certain understanding, silicone material as green environmental protection material used as the child protection tool to had not suited most, such as silica gel pen cap, silicone armrest, silicone collision Angle and so on can be avoided or be hurt.

for understanding of silicone rubber products friend should know silica gel products have many unique properties, resistance to high and low temperature scope - Around 40 degrees to 280 degrees, soft material cleaning up is also very simple, the service life of the products is longer but it still depends on the performance of silicone raw materials, for even the body of the silicone material is close to human skin is not made of industrial inferior raw material production base by the FDA, ROHS, LFGB testing certification, belongs to food grade silicone raw materials, green environmental protection non-toxic, in articles for daily use, children's products that widely used together!

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