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by:Cupidove     2020-08-27

now after silicone products different from 00 to our age now after 10 children became their childhood with accessories, once upon a time with us of his childhood is childhood had more years, from material selection to the design of the color appearance of change has a dramatic change, now 2016, different normal silicone products variety is numerous, let children children on the silica gel products have more better choice, and parents in children's products has always attached great importance to the safety problems, also want to consider whether still interested in the appearance of the product color, walking in the mall can be seen everywhere in the children's products make a person dazzling, is not to start from, so the silicone products become the best choice!

some time ago, a batch of PC material in xiamen fujian pacifier was privately journalists, bulk sale to market the incident had to cause concern for many parents, but the material without a comprehensive understanding of the pacifier, unable to distinguish the quality of the material. PC material with an estimated potential hazards, in scientific ways are non-toxic, but after high temperature and the environment of hone will have certain harm to the body, so the use of silicone rubber products after so many years, almost no talk have harm to the body, along with the development history of the PC and silica gel, plastic material is far beyond the development course of silica gel, so people often talk about the silicone products belong to life 'love' late in the silica gel small make up for the parents to introduce you how to identify the choice of green environmental protection silicone products!

we are common in children's products have a pacifier, grinding rods, bib pocket, silicone tableware, bathing gear, etc. , silica gel belongs to the high temperature resistant material, non-toxic tasteless, we meet in the market of colored silicone material don't have to be surprised, color is using silicone masterbatch production is a kind of avirulent environmental protection additives, convenient in touch touch feel is smooth, inferior material, rough and plastic material can tell at a glance, silica gel products are colorless, odorless of raw materials, so there is no any smell from the smell, if you can smell the fragrance or pungent taste, so we must pay attention to. May add chemical essence, twists and turns back and forth to see whether there is a softness and toughness, material may have a problem, if the springback does not reach the designated position with his nails pinching the hollowing will disappear, if clear then also get attention.

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