Chest scar posts with silicone material

by:Cupidove     2020-04-26

chest against scar on what kind of silicone materials

placket, scar, and more and more common in our daily life, the chest scar posts using silicone products material is a kind of special liquid silicone products raw materials, is forming a human silicone, is characterized by environmental non-toxic, does not produce allergic phenomenon, direct contact with human skin is similar to the skin soft, slightly with a sticky surface, good adhesion on human skin, the colors feel with the skin, this kind of silica gel in addition to do placket, scar outside, also can do shoulder pads, breast, and other products, which has been widely applied, this kind of silica gel for high performance requirements, the price is not the same, the quality differ in thousands ways, mainly reflected in, the environmental protection. Surface feel respect, tear of the tensile strength, it is important to like softness is enough, can find this kind of silica gel to Cupidove silica gel, the domestic well-known brand manufacturers,

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