Characteristics of coated silica gel products

by:Cupidove     2020-05-05

coated silica gel is a kind of new environmental protection material, has now been widely used in People's Daily necessities. Before know this kind of new materials, let us know about the related terms.

coating: for anti-corrosion, insulation, decoration and other purposes, in the form of liquid or powder in fabric, paper, metal foil or objects such as plastic thin layer coated on the surface cover.

coated silica is widely used in pure cotton cloth, twill, nylon fabric, linen, wool cloth, silk cloth, anti-slip cloth, waterproof fabric, packing cloth, high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance, insulation cloth, anticorrosive cloth, wild with senior senior zhang peng cloth, umbrella cloth, ageing resistance fabric, and so on the fabric coating processing and antiskid purposes.

characteristics of coated silica gel products

, low shrinkage rate, not emit low molecular crosslinking process, so the volume, shrinkage rate is less than 0. 1%

, non-slip performance is very good; No pollution; Low hardness. Firm adhesive of graft.

, wear resistance, wash resistance, high temperature resistant; Three-dimensional level is high, excellent texture. Because of easy to operate, can be widely used for ornamental design belt, ribbon, non-slip belt, woven label brand products dedicated sign silica gel ( Fabric coating silicone products) , prevent slippery floriation tablecloth, medical garter.

food-grade, avirulent insipidity, through the FDA food grade certification

, high transparency, high tensile strength, tear strength, good bonding effect

coating adhesive curing conditions typical

moderate viscosity, high temperature curing, high transparency, good adhesion, heat resistance, water resistance, permeability is good.

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