Chaozhou ceramic pad printing silicone application

by:Cupidove     2020-05-03

chaozhou ceramic pad printing silicone USES: mainly used in plastic toys, electroplating products, electronic toys, trademark, communications equipment, craft gift stationery; Such as irregular pattern printing. Ivory pad printing mucilage series brief description: chaozhou ceramic pad printing silicone rubber pad printing head is to connect the design of sheet metal rubber head for the carrier, then the design of sheet metal transfer in toys up printing silicone quality is exquisite, without impurities, good resilience, oil well, clear pattern printing. Ivory pad printing mucilage advantages of chaozhou ceramic pad printing silicone: 1. Low viscosity, good fluidity 2. Good oil, oil, pad printing design 3 clearly. Colloid is exquisite, back stretch, pad printing more professional pad printing silicone used in the manufacture of pad printing, pad printing silicone for colloid is exquisite, without impurities, no grain, good stretch back pad printing silicone is made of high quality raw materials, added the United States dupont teflon high temperature resistant materials, through high heat and has the advantages of wear-resisting, high temperature resistance, good printing effect ivory pad printing mucilage chaozhou ceramic operation method 1, pad printing silicone ready tool. Electronics, mold, wood, mixing vessel, stirring stick, silicone, silicone oil, curing agent (the die cut of the Crystal mold, mold, the force that press a gram mold, copper, 10 cm in diameter of big rubber head can use gypsum mold) With detergent to wash clean, then put the water in the mould dry or use a fan blow dry, and coated with release agent ( Can use detergent, uniform coating, and to wipe clean) Again, want to had done polishing processing, metal mold with stirring a cup, stir stir bar or a knife. 2, with silicon rubber pad printing and pad printing silicone oil, silicone products oil, the proportion of normal, is according to the requirements of customers, if customer demand patterns of printing area is big, need a soft rubber head, adding silicone oil. Instead, you need to glue the head hardness large, do not add or less add silicone oil, generally the hardness of rubber pad printing head to 15 ~ - a 25 ° a as appropriate, if the silicon oil amount is too large, a soft rubber head, print the number of times is limited, it is a good quality of the silicone will be silicone oil destroyed its molecular weight, and wear-resisting, resistance to solvents and aging. The proportion of silicon and silicon oil is generally 100:30, if you need more soft silicone, can add the silicon oil, but the proportion of silicon and silicon oil cannot be more than 100:50. Silicon oil to add quantity, the more plastic head, soft silicone quality will be destroyed by silicon oil its molecular weight, and products are not wear-resisting, solvent resistance and aging. Introduce normal proportion is as follows: 100 g silica gel add 30 grams of silicone oil, rubber head hardness 20 °, ADAPTS to the pad printing alloy load and the pattern is small, relatively small contact area of the product. Pressure required if the interface is big or soft plastic head, the proportion of silicone and silicone oil can do 100:30100-50, but should pay attention to, the greater the amount of silicone, rubber head is soft, the number of pad printing, abrasion resistance and solvent resistance will reduce and reduce the number of pad printing products will be reduced accordingly, due to rising costs, raw material waste. 3, add curing agent processing vacuum weigh the good silicon oil and rubber pad printing on the cup, stir well. And then move the rubber and silicon oil and adding curing agent than quantity. After adding curing agent, mixing 2 - 3 minutes, stir well. And then pumping air into vacuum state, generally not more than 10 minutes, but not too short. If take too long, can cure, affect the quality of do glue head. 4, put the board to the vacuum glue, add you have prepared the moulds after 20 minutes, into the wood, wood must be silicone encase all round, and let its curing. After three hours can release. After stripping the glue head also can't use within 24 hours, it can be placed in ventilated place 24 hours you, or in the refrigerator. Note: rubber head size (do The diameter of the rubber head) Your printed pattern, and the ratio was 1:3. If the design small plastic head, instead of wasting your glue, increase the cost. If pattern is big, plastic head, because of printing press rubber head to malicious, glue head will be easy to rotten, also will increase your cost.

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