Carbon fiber mold silicone application

by:Cupidove     2020-04-27

the purpose of the carbon fiber mold silicone:

is mainly used in precision mold manufacturing, such as polyurethane, epoxy resin molding precision mold production, scale requires stable chemical building materials and carbon fiber composite materials and machine parts of surveying and mapping, can also be used for pooly resin ( 聚脂纤维) , epoxy resin ( EP - 氧) And PU foam resin decorations and crafts of replication, the art of making and candles and gypsum grinding tool, can also be used in the furniture industry and electronics industry production of the mold of the manufacture of products high transparency, demoulding good virtues, can see the mold filling and if there is a bubble defects such as casting materials. Can also be used for production of high hardness, high service life of rubber pad printing head.

the characteristics of the carbon fiber mold silicone:

add silicone products molding temperature range in - 65°C - Can use for a long time under 200 ° C and keep its soft and elastic performance, has excellent electric properties and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, resistance to weathering, non-corrosive, physiological inertia, avirulent insipidity, line shrinkage rate is low, the products high transparency, demoulding good virtues, easy operation, etc. Line shrinkage rate is less than one over one thousand.

the use of carbon fiber mold silicone methods:

1, the hybrid: A component ( The base glue) And the B component ( Curing agent) According to the weight ratio of 10:1 or 1:1 mixed, mixed can manually or using equipment.

2, deaeration: after mixing the rubber should be deaeration before filling mould. When a small amount of use can be carried out within the vacuum dryer, under vacuum, the volume of rubber foam can increase 4 ~ 5 times, therefore, deaeration container volume should be 4 ~ 5 times larger than the volume of rubber, colloid product back to normal in a few minutes, when the surface without air bubbles escape ( About 10 minutes) Deaeration process is completed.

3, surface treatment, rubber mold surface or need to contact the potting materials available on the surface of liquid paraffin as a release agent, etc.

4, sulfide and demoulding: after mixing deaeration rubber in 120 + 5 ℃ drying curing 30 minutes, 60 ~ 70 ℃ drying curing 2 ~ 3 hours, at room temperature curing time is 24 hours, curing temperature and time according to the process conditions.

carbon fiber mold silicone rubber storage and matters needing attention:

1, this series product is a non-dangerous goods, sealed storage, in a cool place, prevent the rain, sunlight exposure, storage period for half a year.

2, should be prohibited in the series of products use and condensation type silicone rubber, sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen compounds, otherwise it will affect the rubber vulcanization, if originally used condensation type of mold, must wash clean with gasoline, or mold surface can't cure or sticky.

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