Car where the difference of the silicone tube and PVC hose?

by:Cupidove     2020-09-27

produce a car without a variety of components is known to all, the car is only a kind of silicone tube, and the car had already become an indispensable means of transportation, we now cars are everywhere now, parts need more strictly on select material, determine which kind of material is more suitable for pipe the role of the top priority in the car, so choosing in natural materials, automotive tubing choice how to distinguish?

hose role mainly for transport gas, liquid, and the blade body or particulate matter, adaptability and different material and different environments have different choice of material nature, but as automotive rubber hose, PVC and silica gel properties and get to know each other, so the function and direction are basic to know each other, so in the car they exactly how to distinguish?

PVC pipe is made from PVC resin, stabilizer and lubricant cooperate with hot pressing after injection molding machine, extrusion main performance, electrical insulation; Good chemical stability; But since the extinguished; Low water absorption; Easy adhesion, resistant to high temperature around 40 °. Major appliance industrial gases, liquid transport and so on, the home sewer pipe, water pipe and so on. Environmental problems: adding plasticizer, stabilizer and so on main accessories are toxic, daily in PVC plastic plasticizer, mainly using terephthalic acid, dibutyl phthalate dioctyl etc. , these chemicals are toxic.

silicone rubber belongs to high polymer material, it has to do with the material of PVC is different in the ontology on basic performance improved to strengthen, high temperature resistant, 250 - 300℃) And low temperature resistant, - 40 - 60℃) Have certain physiological function stability, but also suffered repeated harsh and sterilization condition, excellent for deformation capacity and a small ( 200 ℃ in 48 hours not greater than 50%) , breakdown voltage ( 20 - 25 kv /毫米) , ozone resistance, uv resistance. Radiation resistance and other characteristics, special silicone rubber oil resistant function. Silicone tube widely used, the car with the silicone tube will be silicone tube vigorously expand development direction in the future.

silicone tube division for main parts: in the car engine, transmission brake, drive, pressurization transmission, etc. , the other car silicone tube hose manufacturer also can choose different material performance, such as medical silicone rubber hose, food grade environmental protection silicone tube, industrial pipe, silicone section tube, silicone tube fittings, etc.

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