Can science abandoned _ silicone rubber silicone rubber products instead of plastic

by:Cupidove     2020-08-17

don't know whether you have seen a documentary called 'plastic kingdom', if not recommend you to take a look at the dangers of plastic waste in our country, workers unarmed disposed of the rubbish in the film, the scene is shocked, for our country into the world of plastic garbage dumps and uneven, and feel pity for plastic recycling workers in our country. Plastic industry in China is very large much pollution to our life, so here have to say why not using silicone products replace plastic material? And that some were we to ignore the environmental protection department, waste plastics this lucrative business in China how much, why can't properly handle?

as early as 2010, our country has become the world's largest plastics production and consumption country, according to 2016 annual waste, the production of plastic occupy 60% of the world, sales account for nearly half, huge global demand for plastic procurement are trying to match up to us, however, waste recycling is continuous at throw in our country, and according to my understanding of the plastic products manufacturer and the proportion of the silicone products manufacturer in each city is 5:1, for secondary processing and recycling waste can be compared to the whole of Asia, is just a waste has become a big business, the businessman according to the survey of the relevant departments, the environmental protection bureau experts said: 'the national legal plastic recycling to 5000, but by unfair means transaction processing workshop to notice!

if these waste plastics can be qualified to deal with environmental protection, itself is not a problem, but the problem is out on illegal processing, including a large amount of documentary appeared in the family workshop. In 2010 the official statistics is China has around 60000 family waste plastics processing workshops, and 120 kilometers from Beijing, hebei wenan, the biggest distributing center of northern plastic, once there is distribution of 2 m. Can't use low-cost environmental protection way to deal with a large number of foreign waste plastics was shipped here, become the main way for local people to get rich.

although because considered the factors such as pollution, continue to processing and recycling use, as for the south to the pearl river delta region, the scale has got stronger. Close the plastic workshop, does not stop the enterprise demand for waste plastics, more can't prevent consumer demand for plastic products. Stop using plastic products is obviously unrealistic, because it means that you almost all of the commodities are unable to use, but if the recycling and disposal of waste plastics is not effective, most of them are not landfills, is finally been dumped into the ocean. The world each year about 8 million tons of plastic waste into the sea, while China has fallen by almost a third of them. As for the silicone products has also been gradually instead of plastic material, the production and supply of market will not ask, and consumer habits are difficult to change other material, for the social security environmental protection, you should take some environmental protection measures?

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