Breast silicone soft tearing resistance of righteousness

by:Cupidove     2020-05-07

of tearing resistance soft breast silicone

soft silicone generally refers to the body is the hardness of 0 degrees liquid silicone, environmental performance to achieve the FDA food-grade certification, applied to the human body, such as breast prosthesis, mask, surnamed supplies and health care, such as medical equipment, scar, magnetic therapy, powder puff, etc.

the soft silicone products has the very high resistance to tear tensile performance, and very soft, no hands, no oil, surface feel good. Environmental protection non-toxic odorless.

is applied more breast, breast is what?

breast is also called the fake milk, fake breasts, artificial breast

the breast shape of breast is artificial, wear in the outside, to reshape women fit and feel the balance of a silicone object.

breast what are commonly used?

now the market is very popular a kind of pseudo niang makeup, so a new wearable breast, very popular.

is mainly suitable for the broad masses of women after breast cancer surgery patients, ( Loss of milk women)

in order to meet modern medicine each breast women eager to regain the breast, restore confidence, life pick up women style and design professional fake breasts, can maintain body balance, prevention and treatment of postoperative left breast caused by imbalance weight torticollis, the sloping shoulders and scoliosis.

breast maintenance method

1 daily with warm water wash the breast to wipe gently with towel dry.

2 pay attention to avoid using sharp objects ( Such as scissors, pin and brooch Close to the breast to extra.

3 clean as soon as possible after swimming.

4 need not when, will have the face of the nipple breast side down is put back in the plastic.

5 prevent sun direct illuminate

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