Bonding process - silicone products How to choose the glue

by:Cupidove     2020-08-24

don't know if you have encountered this kind of phenomenon, soft plastic material after fracture, want to use 502 gluewater is glue! Want to want to go without reason! Is the problem of glue or the said method problem, today announced the answer to a riddle for you, why soft adhesive glue is not solved!

the silicone material we have seen a little more or less, it is belong to soft rubber with rubber has been one of the, but its performance is more environmental protection, a lot of friends because of its damage fracture and bonding trouble problem, then what caused it?

actually viscose reasons of unstable or glue choice question, many consumers are just think glue only simple, but they don't know actually glue according to different materials and different bonding method has certain difference, not only 502 glue, so today to explain about the silicone products of glue exactly how should choose!

silica gel itself belongs to the software material, its essence is the sticky liquid glue or paste of high temperature solid fixed-line forming, so the silica gel and silica gel is the most wise choice is to use silicone adhesive materials, such as a two-component AB glue, glue or one-component RTV can reach the effect of adhesive, is now more common use of silica gel is a one-component RTV silicone glue series, glue adhesive effect completely and the effect after the silicone molding.

some combined glue after using for a long time usually will appear the phenomenon of hair white fog, and poor adaptability to the environment, many cases are difficult to adapt to environment, and the silicone glue adhesive effect is the same as the high temperature curing molding silicone products manufacturer, can melt completely received a silicon surface, adhesive is sealed, usually have two choices, the first is the person who, adhesive natural shape after curing, the second is the adhesive after high temperature curing, usually can be used for different products, such as not high temperature baking can choose person, need high temperature treatment can choose hot glue!

adhesive products to suit the remedy to the case, silicone and silicone adhesive can choose the RTV glue, but plastic with silica gel or the hardware and plastic glue have different products and so on the different types of glue, and is not the 502 glue can satisfy all the requirements, so for the silicone products appear rupture or friends need adhesive, personal Suggestions on the Internet looking for RTV silicone adhesive glue to try, if you have other material need glue can also according to the related to adhesive glue!

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