Bonding process and the method to understand - silicone products What are the difference in change

by:Cupidove     2020-08-24

a lot of silicone products in machining process is not all processes must be made according to the high temperature vulcanization molding integrated, there are still a lot of silicone products in terms of functional reach a molding, silicone manufacturers also to do the product to meet customer demand and consumer demand, so bonding with other part of the process also occupy the market share, and can achieve the effect can be recognized, specific as follows:

product adhesive is the majority of methods of silicone rubber products industry, a lot of products, due to the different structural products on the processing of the mold problem, so we chose natural with gluewater has become one of technique selection, but not every kind of product can be this way, because of the different structure so you can also choose different process.

do insert methods can be divided into several kinds of understanding, set aside in the silica gel products product space, then with the help of other materials combined with molding or direct bonding fusion, there are silicone as the main body in the parts and products in adhesive, this kind of product is suitable for hardware and accessories products.

do buckle, product hardness higher wall thickness can have certain support cases can choose this way, product combination of invert selection form and the other part of the buckle, the other is concave and convex structural adhesive interface positioning products, to sum up how to facilitate the silicone products production and processing, how to facilitate beautiful effect is how to design.

subject package glue, silicone rubber products package technology is relatively mature at present, combined with a variety of high temperature resistant silicone material products can achieve a certain effect, and the effects of product after completion of the adhesive is a major problem, so the treatment with glue must choose the right, to do all plastic bags can do half a pack of gum and some of the plastic bags.

processing way is one of the many times, such as color more or stereo sense is stronger and more parts of the silicone products, can do secondary molding three times or four times, just process more troublesome, costs will increase, and the effect may not other process effect is good.

so the process of choice is more important, different structural silicone products choose different processing technology, chose not to suit the process of manufacturing of trouble, and could not meet the needs of customers, choose the appropriate processing methods on cost control, not only on the quality of the products and is able to improve efficiency.

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