Bobbin winder, silicone bobbin winder what are the functions and advantages?

by:Cupidove     2020-09-15

bobbin winder the word is not used as a small object at the beginning, before haven't appear silicone bobbin winder, winding in people daily life, roll of line pipe and the rope, and so on can use reel, and is called water drum, drum line, drum line, etc. , the main is the winding way have got very good effect in different industries, such as tower crane, transmission as well as some machinery manufacturing, etc. , as we live and work in common a simple tool!

believe that most of the friends are in the habit of wearing headphones or carrying cable, induction into the winding knot after estimated that let you have a headache, so if you have a bobbin winder to conclude your headset line and data line, will also appear this kind of problem?

and with the popularity of articles for daily use, a lot of people on the supplies ideas for reference to make small bobbin winder reel way like this headset bobbin winder, mainly to in order to receive a reduced area of products for the purpose of design right and simple and practical! With this thing after the headset or cable winding on the bobbin winder for your backpack to receive not in chaos!

the material aspects of the current majority of bobbin winder is to choose silicone products raw materials production, but also has the material such as wood and plastic. And silicone material, the main reason is that most of today's chooses soft deformation, and environmental protection non-toxic! Long-term wound not make your headset fracture! Second is environmental protection non-toxic, can choose different color, folding, stretchable rebound, but the product appearance and color out of the beautiful shape and appearance so would the vast majority of consumers!

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