Black antistatic silicone material

by:Cupidove     2020-04-22

black antistatic silicone materials

liquid silicone application is very wide, have decided to raw material itself, the conventional is generally insulation, conductive but some requirements, some applications need to be protected against static electricity, for now the silicone do conductive is difficult, to add a lot of conductive materials, antistatic agent, etc. , and the cost is very high, also can destroy the silicone products original physical properties, make its performance, but Cupidove silicone current production of antistatic silicone performance is very good, on the premise of not to undermine performance, volume resistivity in five minus 10 - - - - - - There is no question of 9 of 10 to the power,

low packing specification

packaging specifications: A: 20 kg B: 20 kg

packaging specifications: A: B: 25 kg / 25 kg

packaging specifications: A: 200 kg B: 200 kg

low storage and transportation

under the room temperature is 25 ℃, do not open the packing, 12 months

, mold the silicone products should be stored at room temperature, dry bath and the sealing of containers, please do not contact with water in case of metamorphism.

, such products are non-dangerous goods, according to general chemical transportation.

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