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by:Cupidove     2020-05-10
Bottle does not use for a long time, want to change regularly to ensure safety and health. Many mothers would be don't know, baby bottles and has a shelf life. So, how long would it take to change a bottle? To a few bottles for baby enough? The expiration of the bottle is how long? Currently on the market there are three kinds of bottles, plastic bottles, stainless steel bottle and glass bottle. These three bottles material is qualitative different, natural shelf life will be different. Glass bottles can be used indefinitely, the expiration of the stainless steel bottle is eight 10 years, the shelf life of plastic bottles, the shortest is 3 - For five years. Small make up recommend to every once in a while to replace bottle, no matter to not to guarantee period, because of repeated use, cleanliness must not as good as new bottles. Also, the pacifier is easy to aging, every three months to replace a pacifier. What circumstances need to replace bottle NO1. Bottle shelf life in this case, of course, to replace milk bottle. Although there is no evidence that the bottle will produce harmful substances after expiration, but for the sake of the health of the baby bottle or need to replace it regularly. NO2. Bottle breaks, needless to say, breaks the milk bottle is certainly want to change, otherwise it is easy to scratch the baby's mouth. Especially the glass bottle, scratch after more of a problem. 3号。 There is dirt inside bottle bottle bubble milk powder for a long time, it's easy to have residual, because of my lack of clean when milk scale accumulation slowly, bottle inside to form a layer of yellow dirt, easily lead to bacterial growth, will let the baby have loose bowels. So, when the internal accumulation of dirt found bottles, will be decisive in bottles. Babies need to prepare a few bottles in general, if mom for breastfeeding, so you don't have to prepare so many bottles, and bottles of 4 - 6 months change once is enough. Can prepare two bottles, one for drinking water, a used to pack milk, if mom had to go to work have no time nursing, can squeeze into the bottle. Set aside. Note: to frequently change the pacifier pacifier is easy to aging, and is often the baby biting aging faster. Pacifier, therefore, often need to change, general silicone products pacifier to change once a month, more than half a month to replace a latex nipple, and, as long as find pacifiers have broken will change in time. Here small make up recommend mothers choose silicone products pacifiers, safe and convenient.
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