Baby silicone tooth gum production process to understand, what are its processing method

by:Cupidove     2020-08-14

infants and young children in the process of growth of choose and buy a high quality grinding product is important, from the sticks molar stick to the silicone material has changed gradually, and the silicone material is in the baby teeth when deserved a class of children's commodities, whether from the ratio of material or process is suitable for use in children's teeth, with the change of the tooth gum types product upgrades, the preparation methods and technology have you ever know it?

rubber silicone teether is currently common used for solid silica gel material, the product of the main processing method for moulding curing materials solid paste material, but the teeth is mainly used for children to use, so the single processing method estimates can not get the favour of consumer, so different ways of processing natural increased infants and young children love for it, so now present you have seen those silicone tooth gel process?

monochrome animal shapes, pure color silicone tooth gum is a kind of common, it is also the silicone children's tooth gel to keep traditional environmentally safe products, no noise and mixed pattern processing appearance, colorless, tasteless non-toxic raw materials, this kind of product with ordinary silica gel, rubber mixing, moulding fixed-line, liquid by injection molding technology, the product need to make sure that it is the purity of raw materials and the quality of the curing agent, can't smell pure in the insufficient and the purity of raw materials.

secondary forming multicolor integration process is the child dental silicone rubber of the more popular products, it can achieve a variety of colors and patterns, has made great improvement in terms of appearance, guarantee the products of beauty and body feeling of color, increase the attraction of infants and young children, this kind of product process can be made of two kinds of processing technology, more commonly used is molded curing secondary molding, products mainly to the main color filled above other vice, vice color formed after the completion of the first into the mold cavity in the main color of filling material, under the condition of high temperature fuse multicolor a integrated effect.

within four or five colors using secondary molding process are not too big problem, but too much color can be made of glue molding process drops of plastic molding process is mainly by dispensing the product of color to fill in the main color packing and the moulded secondary forming difference is that it is a integrated and multicolor fixed-line, integrated and molded silicone products factory is the first deputy color on secondary plus sulfur curing, glue product cost is high, however, at present for the child dental silicone rubber aspects or die in the majority of the production process.

use glue adhesive silicone children's tooth gel is not in the minority, this technology is mainly used for joining together of different color, adopted by the mold structure is more complex cannot an organic whole, and silica gel products bonding technique is a technique work, if there is no good control in the aspect of viscose, the glue and appearance of the product will affect the quality of the products, so the choice of glue and glue water control and dispensing method is very exquisite, the concrete operation method still need to combine product glue tank structure combined with the test, how to splice glue dosage to achieve the best results.

in view of the silicone rubber baby teeth, the above several ways to common process, because the baby teeth that need long-term contact with human skin and oral cavity, so it can't be used on the surface of fuel injection and large ink printing process, so the baby teeth to glue is the key problem of raw material can ensure the quality of the product and life can be.

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