Automobile industry for components required to ascend, silicone rubber products for opportunity

by:Cupidove     2020-09-22

with ever increasing performance requirements of the car, car accessories retrofit generation is becoming more and more frequent and auto parts in a lot of rubber and silicone products material requirement also needs to be promoted, judging from the current trend, our country now has become the largest country in the global synthetic rubber production and sales, and now the industry general silicone rubber parts and did not meet the requirements of the present situation of use in many countries, so many in the industry talk about whether to adopt high performance silicone material to replace? To meet the requirements of auto parts now, and boost car performance.

according to the China association of rubber rubber association, chairman of the committee, said from the current car development stage at home and abroad, at present, China's rubber industry, and synthetic rubber industry is at an important period of strategic opportunities, many producers of rubber and silicone products manufacturer has stable production, stable development, and other advantages. Since is to enhance the accessories of silicone rubber, that must be innovation and outstanding performance, excellent manufacture, in the case of synthetic rubber has a large surplus of production capacity, improve the quality of the vehicle synthetic rubber, will be a breakthrough in the development of domestic synthetic rubber industry transformation.

and according to some industry insiders know later, think that China's auto industry as the city road infrastructure and traffic improvement on the performance of silicone rubber products auto parts industry should improve more green environmental protection, in order to reduce pollution, the synthetic rubber industry of silicone rubber products manufacturer mainly aimed at the green environmental protection, the silicone rubber products, chemical resistance, ozone proof, heat resistant to cold, etc. Put forward higher request, so for some special rubber hardness, environmental protection, longevity and so on has the strict examination, to the auto industry in our country make more environmentally friendly, more prominent.

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