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by:Cupidove     2020-05-01
In the prevention and control of paralysis mark non-invasive pressure therapy is the most successful, the most widely used technology, in order to the anatomy of the concave part, limb lateral flexion and activities have uniform and effective pressure, Perkins ( 1982). In compression therapy using silica gel film liner, found that in the absence of silicone products membranes has relaxed to soften collapsed under pressure and make paralysis mark flat effect. Since then the silicon gel and silicon elastic membrane in the treatment of proliferative collapsed mark get more application. Quirm in 125 cases of patients with proliferative collapsed mark and collapsed scar a knot in one's application of silicone products membrane, and extend measurement evaluation of quality of a material, using comparative evaluation photogrammetry color and thickness of application after ABU observed in 81% of cases got improvement. Mark Lee for burn hyperplasia collapsed marks, tattoo paralysis paralysis and incision scar comparing two kinds of silicone membrane products, after 3 ~ 4 Yin found application are color, texture, calm, and the thickness of the improvement. But most of these studies lack of untreated collapsed mark, or cases for no strict standard, the lack of good design to prove effective. In order to better control study and strengthen the objective index for curative effect evaluation, Ahn ( 1989). 10 cases of 14 pieces of proliferative collapsed mark in the same place or similar symmetrical parts of the collapsed mark as their own controls, with mold oil sampling volume, simultaneously elastic measurement and comparison of photogrammetry, the treatment group after 2 Yin in the collapsed mark color, texture and volume obviously improved. Carney control study also similar results. Sprout of 14 cases of postoperative patients with proliferative collapsed mark sternum parts using silica gel membrane and kenalog injection treatment of comparative study of self-reflection, found that compared with kenalog injection treatment application of silicone membrane symptoms improved early, treatment effect is good. For collapsed scar a knot in one's application shows that the silicone membrane also has good curative effect. Mercer 18 cases of 22 collapsed scar a knot in one's use of silica gel membrane for 6 Yin, found that 86% of the cases of congestion, emphasis, and itching symptoms improve. Palsy scar hyperplasia of silica gel membrane on prevention, Ahn application of silicone membrane treatment of 29 cases of postoperative paralysis mark recently ( 3 months) , using adjacency or symmetrical paralysis mark as a control, application in complete lasts 2 bligh month, every day at least 12 h in the treatment of 19 cases, compared with the control treatment group collapsed mark small volume and good elasticity. Cruz- Korchin 20 cases of patients with breast reduction surgery at the end of two weeks start on one side of the application of silicone products membrane, on the other side should not be used. membrane application 12 h every day for 2 months, with a long scar hyperplasia or flat as evaluation index, ABU 6 months later not palsy scar proliferation rate was 55% in treatment group and the treatment group was only 25%. On 129 cases breast reduction application Neisaen silicone membrane to prevent collapsing scar hyperplasia of bilateral contrast research, have not reached the expected results. Continuous application after 3 months found the silicone membrane treatment did not prevent collapsing scar hyperplasia, even more than the control group in the proliferative collapsed. Researchers believe that these results are surprising, and reasons unknown. All the application of silicone membrane shows its side effects on the skin, impregnation, skin rashes, itching and infection rate being 10% ~ 25%, but these symptoms usually lighter, with the application of time, to maintain good health, avoid damp environment and gradually improve. At present for most manufacturers recommend application more than 3 h/d. For 3 months to get a better result.
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