Another kind of special product - in the silica gel products Makeup tools

by:Cupidove     2020-09-08
If use silicone production kitchen utensils and appliances, jewelry, gifts, perhaps this is not a fresh thing, life literally can also find some of these silicone products. But be made makeup tools, silica gel in the industry, also is very few, after all the requirements are more strict. Today by the silica gel products factory small make up take you know something about another kind of silica gel products - The silicone brush wash a face makeup tools.

silicone wash a face to brush is a kind of with food-grade silicone in high temperature and high pressure of vulcanization molding silicone products, main purpose is washing a face with women. On the surface of the brush has hundreds of thousands of needle, and is soft, the height of the needle is about 8 px. When the brush sliding face, thousands of soft needle has the effect of massage, fine needle contacts the pores at the same time, also has the effect of purify is corneous. The whole product size seems not, that is, 65 * 1375 px, in your hands just can block palm on site. A finger in the back of the chuck and a dash of wash a face with emulsion, can massage the face slips. Because this kind of silicone products in use and appearance of the request is very high, usually have little silicone products factory development, so the products are especially popular.

about silicone products factory

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