Announced the silicone products industry ten big brand list, it hides what problems?

by:Cupidove     2020-09-12

since the silicone industry will know that the industry competition is intense, lead to a lot of friends like a headless fly hit many wronged, and close while online a lot of the top ten big brands become popular, every industry should have thought a lot of notarization institutions will appear on the public platform put forward different recommended, but it is a pity that which is full of all kinds of water, looking is ranking top high praise continuously so many suppliers, but to consumers, you really find the right product?

as the brand competition is increasingly fierce, the Internet all kinds of 'top ten brands emerge in endlessly, in addition to every field of silicone rubber products industry, it is food, clothing, home appliances, automobile and other industries can see such a list. These rankings are just to show under its own web site, and the broad consumer is only see the surface, these organizations platform exactly have been national gongxin CPA certification and verified for offline brand, nobody knows!

according to the small make up understand insider admitted that this type of selection or ranking is basically no standards, no supervision, essentially bidding, some directly take money. But behind the scenes, but there are many unknown secrets, many web sites according to related news industry ranking did not provide the certification of themselves and to collect materials and name your industry companies, independent change enterprise's votes and comments from a website, rise to attract consumers' trust and in the same industry competitors, compare the heart.

so small make up remind consumers friend! ! !

for this type of website, tend to be those who look only at the surface of the consumer and jealousy strong enterprises in May to compete, while the really big brand.

this kind of fake online selection is, because the chain has formed powerful interests, some of the so-called network ten big brand competition has become a lucrative business. Under the profit-driven, many brands without strict careful research has already come, both deceived people and misled consumers, not only make the enterprise normal operation is affected, and reducing the authority and credibility of network chart is low.

as a consumer, how can the choose and buy of worry, and effort to the appropriate product, is more need to do more analysis, more thinking, it is not easily by the media platform of some of the list of the top ten brand shower room, such as the selection of guide or veiled, affected your judgment, the choose and buy inferior products, through the real product as much as possible, and pre-sale service and brand strength contrast, to choose reliable brand.

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