Ancient emperor special four adult supplies, variety, is a decadent!

by:Cupidove     2020-04-07
Ancient emperor special four adult supplies, variety, is a decadent! Time: 2020 02 - 26 source: author: reading: the ancient Chinese emperor temple has three thousand beauties, so rarely in history have not consorted, decadent emperors. After the emperor's class of sate, called xing harem concubines as easily a voluptuousness of your life. Many emperors in the face of three thousand beauties, day after day, night after night, so feel very tired of the way called luckily concubines, and then one thousand to special build some voluptuousness tools. Although these tools have different high and low technical content, but the style variety; Although the function of great difference, but its main purpose is to voluptuousness. Sheep car, jin jin wudi emperor wudi is sufficient, decadent, a dragon who, the selected character beauty by an imperial harem filled all over the world, the result has unexpectedly picked the character more than ten thousand ladies into the palace. These jade bone ice beauty all muscle, unexpectedly he dazzled, do not know how to start. So he a brainwave and invented & other; Sheep CheZhao luckily method & throughout; , are the royal car of his own sheep,, travel today, no matter go to where, as long as the car stopped before the concubines palace, sheep has plagued the concubines. Any car, emperor yangdi Yang Guang invented this & other; Any car & throughout; Sheep are not the same as he. “ Any car & throughout; Yang-ti is exclusively in bed with the virgin's car. A twist on the car, which can be tied their brothers, let virgin unable to move. Since shackled virgin point can't move, so lines can be effortless, luckily also can increase the fun. Dice, said tang dynasty had formulated concubines escort, the order of the royal bed system, according to the month full moon lacks to determine. A month before the 15th for full, for 15 days after gradually. So from the beginning to 15 by low-ranking turn high, 16 to the end of the turn from position high to low. By li lung-chi lee do the emperor, he thinks that determined in accordance with the system let concubines shi tomb no fun, so he will come up with use & other; Dice & throughout; To determine the night shi tomb. Green headlining, qing dynasty, and the green number one in the palace there are generally two kinds of effect: one is draft female, the second is to choose concubines. When choosing XiuNv qing, this green head sign should specify the woman's flag, father name, age, etc. If the woman through the primary, call it & other; Leave brand & throughout; 。 If lost, then call & other; Flow & brand throughout; 。 Eunuch in the board late emperor, the main to pass written concubines with the green number one name plate. The emperor to a green brand turn it over, turn to the green head brand which concubines, decided that night called escaped the concubines.
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