Analysis - TPE adult supplies raw materials industry development trend Shenzhen Cupidove silicone products co. , LTD

by:Cupidove     2020-05-16
Because adult toys supplies the market with the TPE raw materials mixing system of relatively simple, adult toys supplies raw materials market admittance threshold low, everyone will play. Therefore, intensified competition in the industry in recent years. Competition in the industry has two modes, one is the cost of raw materials is changeless, lower profits, with a low price competition; 2 it is really no profit, from the Angle of the raw material, adopting low price of raw material grades, reduce costs, to a certain profit space. Before a pattern, it won't work, because, in business is the essence of interest, otherwise it is better to close early. The second model, seems to be feasible, also exists risk. After all, a price a points goods, low cost of raw materials, how to product quality will decline, or the problem. Such as soft glue adult supplies is prone to yellow, sticky, easy to break, transparency is not good, and so on. Competition is not confined to the raw materials industry, also exists in the whole industry chain, our clients are also considering the cost problem. So the adult products industry, supplier and customer collaboration are treading on thin ice, long-term cooperation more difficult. Because of the transparency of industry. Supplier and customer interest, cost, quality, etc. The three elements of irreconcilable. And the industry at present, adult supplies, TPE industry main competitors in the industry material quality, the price is about the same. Do the market, spelling is the efforts of the business, the company expected profit. Of course, cost management and technology research and development of comprehensive cost has certain influence. supplies materials TPE usually 0 ~ 30 a soft material, in a transparent for see, a few for color, increase the realistic feel. Hardness have 0 a following, such as 0 ~ 60 a, for the production of female penis masturbation stick, aircraft cup and so on, also useful melt filling. To the requirement of material has good tensile, particles less adhesion agglomeration, is not easy to deformation, high temperature resistant, oil less spitting does not glue the hand, transparent products require high transparency, surface fog not easily, not easy to leave fingerprints, not easy to stick dust, etc. To be honest, there are still certain technical value.
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