Analysis of silicon earphone sets whether shadow does not affect the quality problems

by:Cupidove     2020-09-12

about silicon earphone sets you should have heard earlier, it not only changed the way we wear headphones one, and also provides a clearer sense of hearing ability, in-ear headphones silica gel set of functions is one of them, but use headphones enthusiasts ever understand the headsets sets also affects its quality problem, so what is the specific reason? Let's look at.

the main material of headphones by magnet circuits, coil, diaphragm, wire rod, such as earmuffs, material mixing and in-ear headphones can make quality main original is better, a quality of a material soft silicone set relative to traditional earplugs can already have good sound insulation and leakage-proof sound effect. Additional internal moving iron unit of voice to convey feeling is very sharp, resolving power, strong sense of speed, the density of instantaneous dynamic and voice are its strengths, to join the silicone sets of headphones can take to more perfect sound effect.

the earphone set mainly divided into two sponge with silica gel protection set, they are in the process of using each have each advantage.

sponge first of all, from the view of comfort to choose, I also will choose the headset sponge system set to ear more comfortable, but we said today's topic is quality problem, so its acoustics for sponge is no silicon earphone set use effect is better.

glial earmuffs for headphones sound quality is different, we compare the commonly used tape headphones set is given priority to with silicone material, it has a certain advantage, on the material products can achieve security environmental protection and long-term contact with the skin, sound insulation shockproof effect is good, soft material and so on.

many is given priority to with silicone headphones on the market at present, it has to do with hard headphones sound quality difference lies mainly in leaky problem, because the silicone material is soft and is easy to wear with the skin surface joint leakage and prevent quality, while the timbre and cotton headphones set to reach the effect.

how to choose a high quality silica gel earplugs?

the earphone sets of silicone materials have been layout in various markets, so for the earphone set quality requirements also does not have the too high vigilance, each style headphones earplugs part of the basic materials are the same, but can go to distinguish it from the following quality problem.

1, the strength of the material springback is good, long-term stress extrusion deformation

2, and has good tensile force, can force long-term tensile and springback

3, without soft too brittle phenomenon, material is not soft or too fragile, The main reason is that the silicone earplugs factory producing vulcanization time length control problem)

4, no damage cracks, and since the clasp rupture.

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