An article, let you know the silicone products sealing perfusion technique

by:Cupidove     2020-09-26

a, LED potting glue according to the feature classification

1. Mechanical protection, in order to improve the reliability;

2。 Strengthen the cooling, in order to reduce the chip junction temperature, improve the LED performance;

3。 Optical control, improve the efficiency of the light, to optimize the beam distribution

2, LED potting glue according to the classification after curing

1. Gel type

2. Rubber type

3. Resin type

three, LED potting glue application

in LED, in use process of radiative recombination photons produce loss when to launch, mainly includes three aspects: chip internal structure defects, and the absorption of the material; Photons in the area of fire surface caused by the refractive index difference of reflection loss; And due to incident Angle is greater than the total reflection critical Angle of total reflection loss. As a result, a lot of light cannot be ejected from the chip to the outside.

by the chip's surface coated with a layer of the relatively high refractive index of transparent sub - — LED silicone, due to the rubber between the chip and air, effectively reduce the loss of the photon in the interface, improve the efficiency of light.

in addition, the effect of pouring sealant includes to mechanical protection chip, stress release, and, as a kind of optical structure. So for its high light transmittance, high refractive index, good thermal stability, good liquidity, easy to spray. In order to improve the reliability of LED encapsulation, also requires pouring sealant with low hygroscopicity, low stress, ageing resistance and other properties.

at present commonly used potting glue including epoxy resin and silicone products. Silica gel with high light transmittance, refractive index, thermal stability, stress is small, low hygroscopicity, is superior to the epoxy resin, widely used in high power LED packaging, but the cost is higher. Studies show that improve the silicone refractive index can effectively reduce the physical barrier of photon losses, improve the external quantum efficiency, but the silica gel performance are greatly influenced by environmental temperature.

as temperatures rise, the inside of the silicone thermal stress increase, results in the decrease of the refractive index of a silica gel, which affects the LED luminous efficacy and light intensity distribution.

LED electronic potting glue in before curing belong to liquid, liquid, glue viscosity, according to the material of the silicone products, performance, production process of different and different. Very much the type LED electronic potting glue, material type, at present most of the most common use mainly is 3 kinds, namely, epoxy pouring sealant, silicone resin pouring sealant, polyurethane (pu) pouring sealant, and these three material pouring sealant can be subdivided hundreds of different products.

here is a brief introduction of the difference between these three pouring sealant:

1, epoxy resin adhesive

is hard more, also have a small number of soft. Biggest advantage, good to hard material stick relay, unable to open after filling and sealing, high hardness, good insulation performance, ordinary heat resistance in 100, heating solidifying heat resistance at 80 degrees Celsius.

2, organic silicon resin pouring sealant

after curing is more soft, stick relay is poor; Advantages of high and low temperature resistance, can be long-term use, at 200 degrees Celsius heat type of higher heat resistance, insulation performance is good epoxy resin, can withstand voltage 10000 v, moderate price, good repair.

(pu) pouring sealant was 3,

adhesion between epoxy and silicone, heat-resistant, generally no more than 100 degrees Celsius, bubbles, must be vacuum pouring. The advantages of low temperature resistant performance is good.

LED drive power supply potting glue suitable for general electronic components, power supply module and potting protection circuit board, and a variety of electronic potting, such as switching power supply, drive power supply, car HID lamp module power supply, ignition system module power supply, home appliance controller, the network transformer, etc. Many customers do not understand the use of the LED drive power supply potting glue, explain for everybody below about the use of the LED drive power supply pouring sealant

1, mix before

part A and part B separately by manual or mechanical stirring fully, avoid because packing subsidence caused by change in performance.


according to the ratio of 1:1 weighing two components in a clean container and error is no more than 3%, otherwise it will influence on the performance after curing.

3, deaeration

natural deaeration: mixing rubber let stand 20 - 30 minutes;

vacuum deaeration: vacuum is zero. 08 - 0. 1 mpa, vacuum 5 - For 10 minutes.

4, perfusion

should be in the operating time will be finished rubber perfusion, otherwise affect flow flat. Keep clean and dry before potting substrate surface.

5 and

or heat curing at room temperature. Rubber curing temperature and curing speed has a lot to do, in the winter need a long time to cure, curing recommended heating way, curing 15 to 30 minutes under 80 ℃, usually takes 6 - under room temperature 8 hours curing.

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