An article can understand the silicone tolerance for high temperature

by:Cupidove     2020-09-13

silica gel bottles and we often use a bottle, it is made of medical grade silicone material, material and it is still a breath, not changeful form, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, the baby can be at ease use. For the silicone bottle, mother worried that heat resistant silicone bottle?

silica gel bottles high-temperature?

silicone bottle of high temperature up to 200 degrees, in order to achieve low temperatures of minus 50 degrees, and its deformation, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, safe use.

silicone bottle features:

1, the silicone material is harmless to human body health colorless insipidity, so it can be more at ease of use.

your baby's favorite soft bottle same feeling and skin soft, baby can stable mood. 。

3, cleaning, disinfection bottle silica, heat-resistant plastic bottle is convenient than usual, sterilization is no problem, it's a long time after the plastic part has been removed, and only silicone placed in sterile water bottle nipple.

4, no odor silica gel is colorless, tasteless non-toxic raw materials.

5。 Several pacifiers and bottles (easier for, The silicone part) Can separate put together, in order to reduce the volume, easy to carry, five silicone bottle as the volume of the bottle.

what is high temperature resistant silicone bottle

use liquid silicone rubber ( LSR) Bottle made of silicone, do not contain bisphenol A, won't produce cracks, silica gel bottles have excellent transparency, tear strength, resilience, yellowing resistance, heat aging resistance and weather resistance, and the medium viscosity, easy to operate, highly transparent products, if can mold filling defect in A casting material, such as bubbles, linear shrinkage 0 or less. 1%, product size precision replication can be seen.

the traditional bottle is plastic, and at the time of the production of plastic must pass to join China a lot of antioxidant, plasticizer, stabilizer, etc. , these food additives are harmful to human body activity, and plastics in our country under the condition of high temperature may make the enterprise environment hormone-like chemicals leakage and on the study of the human body fat accumulation in the cells. And silica gel contains no environment hormone, made of different medical grade silicone for the baby company safety and health.

there is a kind of silicone rubber products will be the material of breathing, even himself in room temperature, breast milk is also not easy metamorphism, in the cold storage technology and freezing can better keep the milk fresh. Because the silicone is harmless to human body, the material of colorless, tasteless, so we need to the use of teachers can be more at ease.

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