All silicone and rubber material judgment method

by:Cupidove     2020-08-24

for professional judgment silicone products material problem in between, but for new friend it's hard to tell the difference between the rubber and silicone rubber and other rubber materials, rubber this large categories there is divided into many varieties of materials, professionals sometimes also cannot judge is it completely belong to which kind of, but we can be roughly divided into two categories, environmental protection and environmental protection can!

by performance and to distinguish the material weight, when you get two identical products can be through the weight for the analysis of it is to belong to what kind of rubber, silicone or general roughly the same density of rubber, and silicone to low weight, specific still should see add the proportion of white carbon black, the second is used in the oil covered 48 hours, the material of rubber is NBR, EPDM, SBR and other three kinds of materials will be invaded add weight, silica gel will not change!

hot vulcanization experiments are silicone products factory inspection products aging and heat resistance of main working procedure, to material and silicone rubber material into the oven for four hours of sulfide at the same time, the general rubber will appear obvious smell and springback is affected, hardness is too high will produce fracture phenomenon, while the silicone can completely remove taste, and how much stuff inside the rubber material discharge total food grade silica gel products.

combustion method is need in high temperature above 1000 degrees of experiment, the silica gel after burning is a white smoke to burn after the net will appear white powder, the method of different rubber varieties are more smoke, and different size is the burning flame, NR, EPDM is small, fluorine rubber, CR, CSM is burning away from the fire will appear since the interest rates, NBR/PVC with glue, when there is fire fire waves splash, there seems to be the water, from self-extinguishing fire, smoke concentration and acidity, and it's important to note that sometimes add flame retardant but do not contain halogen glue will be from self-extinguishing fire, this is to use other way further inferences.

proportion measurement, use electronic said or analytical balance, precisely to 0. 01 gram of the can, plus a glass of water, a human hair can, in general fluorine rubber proportion is the largest, 1. More than 8, CRECO also more in 1. The proportion of 3 or more obvious big can consider is the glue.

sample from the finished product, with dry ice and alcohol making an appropriate low temperature environment. The samples in 2 - low temperature environment 5 minutes, feel soft and hard degree at selected temperatures. Such as - 40 degrees, as well as resistance to high temperature oil resistant silicone and fluorine rubber, silicone is more soft.

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