Again spread color silicone products process, the method is practical?

by:Cupidove     2020-09-06

with the continuous development of the silicone industry, the new craft and technology have been digging, popular silicone rubber products in recent years also not idle, foreign whether any industry to, when you inadvertently may find its shadow, and now the demanders have not stay in the original old product craft, to change the new train of thought and ideas, double-color multi-color products has become a popular product of the silica gel products industry, it can be affected by many consumers, that also has the certain factors in the production process, how much do you know about double color silica gel?

enhance the grade of the product as well as the attraction is the general consumers need, and double color silica gel is gradually popular, only a few years after for exterior accessories, children's products and the silicone daily necessities such as a variety of categories, for double color silicone products in the eyes of consumers pretend bility improved nature is little not, have stereo feeling and the main purpose of the visual effect is that it can be used as a general silicone products manufacturer two stereo double-color product of the production process.

drop rubber molding:

a glue craft is the silica gel products, one of the most front technology of three-dimensional effect, the product mainly adopt injection carving process in the mold in the mold core into the high-temperature and main silicone rubber molding, and the bonding process basically is to rely on mechanical operation, will shoot glue quantity of the machine and stroke and the color adjustment after the completion of the can production, the product can do double color three colors and a variety of solid color, and defect is slow production efficiency, product process more defective rate high in its cost slightly higher! If you want to color of silica gel products too much and need to stereo feeling can choose this way

moulded double color molding:

moulded with a glue process completely different, its processing method is mainly through the large hydraulic press upper and lower clamping hydraulic, hole more high efficiency products, the color of the outside of the product must be subject to and in put into the mold the color separation products with artificial to make the main body part into the rubber, this process is mainly in the form of making single color and double color appearance design LOGO, so for the product want to three-dimensional LOGO and small single and double color design can choose this way!

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