Adults with silicone toothbrush head than what are the advantages and the nylon brush

by:Cupidove     2020-09-25

silicone brush to clean the oral hygiene, toothbrushes, the brush head is composed of silica gel, can high temperature disinfection of a toothbrush. Which is convenient for consumers silicone toothbrush head clean teeth, and also won't appear the phenomenon such as hair removal.

a, does not hurt gums and tooth enamel

most people have the phenomenon of bleeding, brushing your teeth, that is because the nylon burr hurt your gums. The dentist often encountered a disease called wedge-shaped defect, because nylon toothbrush sideways for a long time to brush your teeth brush root out of a slot, when the groove through the pulp, will, pain, dental pulp necrosis, tooth loss. Silicone brush material is qualitative soft, not damage gums, tooth enamel.

2, hydrophobic good, not easy retained bacteria

nylon water, so the nylon tooth brush head is always filled with water, and the bacteria yu fast especially in the moist environment. Nylon toothbrush brush plate always remain as toothpaste, brush pore is residual stains and particles, food residue which is produced from brush teeth also easy inclusion among the bristles. And silicone toothbrush hydrophobic, brush a head to keep dry, and there is no clutter residue.

three, deformation, low wear and tear, enhance the use value

nylon toothbrush is not high temperature resistant, easy to curl deformation, need to keep the toothbrush clean through frequent replacement; Silicone toothbrush 250 degrees high temperature resistant, silicone care brush head physical performance is stable, not deformation, compared with traditional toothbrushes wear resistance rate to 15:1.

4, can massage the gums, promote healthy gums

use toothbrush silicone products, can massage the gums, effectively promote the gum tissue blood circulation, can effectively alleviate and prevent periodontal disease, postpone senile receding gums and teeth from falling out.

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