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by:Cupidove     2020-05-09
supplies TPE material refers to the specialized in the production of all kinds of adult toys products TPE raw material, so the TPE material in the manufacture of the adult supplies are generally those? In long shuo we are one of the most common shaw A0 degrees TPE raw materials used in the making of adult supplies, because of long shuo industry one of the most famous crystal transparency, industry is absolutely the highest transparency, shaw 0 - another TPE raw materials The 20 a, use 20 atpe material TPE adult toys supplies, this is my now to see the most common, of course, there are many special cases are not included. Of adult supplies TPE raw material injection molding, it is not depending on the measured time is money. When molding TPE raw materials should be pay attention to four problems: mold, injection machine, and other auxiliary equipment. Injection molding cycle is made up of 5%, 80% and 15% cooling injection of glue. ( supplies use TPE raw material is no exception) supplies TPE raw material injection molding, the choice of the screw, we often by increasing the screw barrel temperature or the lack of back pressure to improve the mixing, but the two methods often unnecessarily extend the injection cycle, so at the time of injection molding, choose suitable injection opportunity to shorten injection cycle. supplies TPE raw material injection molding complete, I will meet a very serious, after demoulding must cooling as soon as possible, otherwise after demoulding on the plane will be some deformation ( 0 degrees of TPE raw material is too soft, slow cooling will appear such problems) , and generally the easiest way is to use cooling water cooling, another way is to use another set of mold cooling. supplies TPE raw material molding will encounter many problems, we see you in next time. Long shuo technology fifth generation TPE raw material has been officially used in TPE raw material, the fifth generation of TPE raw materials
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