Adult supplies materials used silica gel and the contrast of TPE

by:Cupidove     2020-05-09

adult toys supplies materials used silica gel and the contrast of TPE

adult toys supplies production there are different kinds of materials used in common with TPE and silica gel is more, in this kind of material, the silica gel has obvious advantages, such as: TPE can achieve very soft, but will be in the oil, and there is no tear tensile resistance, I watch the actual exhibition display inside the doll, TPE surface of talc powder, has the obvious phenomenon of oil, with the hand gently buckle will rot, more important is the material not environmental protection, and the several aspects on the silica gel can do, the hardness of silica gel at present can do below 0 degrees, ensure no oil, resistance to tear tensile performance standards, and silica gel belongs to the environmental protection material, with the FDA food grade certification of environmental protection, the future of the people's standard of living rising, to the quality requirement of spirit also can become high, therefore, environmental protection silicone products material will replace other materials and stand out from the crowd.

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