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by:Cupidove     2020-05-08
Netease has made investigation on adult toys supplies market, up to more than 9000 fans to vote, the results show that the people of sex products generally tolerant, purchase intention is also high, but has not kept pace of consumption behavior, so it has a wide space to develop. Through the adult products market survey, we can see that sex products market is a market in which the power. 1. Universally accepted sex products asexual partner of answer: 79% acceptable! Answer: sexual partners 83% acceptable! And 10% of the candidate & other; It doesn't matter & throughout; 。 2. You to use items are how to think? Asexual partner of answer: 43% think very good, very fashionable, open! 55% think that is a personal privacy! A sexual partner of answer: 38% think very good, very fashion, open! 51% think that is a personal privacy! And 2% of people despise people with sex products! 3. So far, how much money did you on sex products delivery? Costs under 500 sex partners of answer: 79%! 29% spent 2000 yuan of above. Costs under 500 sexual partner of answer: 73%! 19% spent 2000 yuan of above. The big proportion of the community the high purchasing power, it takes more proportion is not high, this shows that China's sex products market development degree is still in a low level. 4. How many time have sex products use? Within 1 year of 64%, more than 5 years accounted for only 12%, it is worth noting that began to use up to 41% in 3 months time, visible sex products market in China has just celebrated its spring. 5. How much can you accept the sex products unit price is? A sexual partner people can accept the unit price of 101 yuan to 1000 yuan, supplies the proportion is as high as 37%, is a considerable potential market. Can accept the unit price in 5000 yuan of above 2%, the proportion of although the proportion is not big, but the market. 6. Who first proposed usability things while having sex? 77% for men! 7. Acquired goods from? 70% from the online purchase! 8. You use products is the main type? Enhance the sexual experience pleasure to stimulate class accounted for 23%, people increasingly pay attention to sexual pleasure. 7% of the class, the local anesthetic plus viagra and other auxiliary class accounted for 5%, has occupied a certain proportion, visible Chinese men quite concerned with sex time length.
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