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by:Cupidove     2020-05-09
In now society, advancing with The Times, more and more people began to acknowledge and accept the adult toys supplies ( The sex products) , it is people's natural physiological needs! Although you can't say loudly: & other; I am using adult supplies throughout the &; 。 But you can quietly enjoy the pleasure of adults should be legal, does not violate any moral principles, not infringe upon the interests of anybody. Appropriate use of adult toys supplies, can increase the joy of between husband and wife sex, let life add delicious, so not the same, promote feelings of husband and wife, stable family, can bring stability to the society, ha ha, Joke) 。 Some buy masturbation or delay drug when some bad meaning, actually don't have to, because this is a very normal physiological regulatory needs, not against social morality, not to undermine social stability, do not affect others, in order to satisfy themselves, why not desirable, but must pay attention to when buy, adult supplies than general commodities, use, or someone else is introduced, the personal privacy problem is studied. Ha ha, network purchase is one of the best ways, in my professional experience to tell you about. When buying can be judged from the following aspects: brand, quality price, function, service reputation. 1, brand adult products famous brands are: Lovely - Kit, man, beautiful faery, shaggy, Hong Kong the NMC, lover, bedside game 1, the beauty of the product, best music, durex, silk, Johnson & Johnson & hellip; … 2, the quality price ShouHua said of good, good stuff is not cheap, cheap goods is not good, in taobao although some good things, good bargain but it can be difficult to judge, so buy adult products must not be keen on gaining petty advantages, choose the moderate price is better, why? Because adult things better than other can walk, do sell buy don't make money that is impossible, the price is too low so it is not good, ha ha, so appropriate spent more money to buy a good thing, with the trust is a good choice. 3, utility function must buy a suitable for their own, can seek advice to the owner, you want a what kind of products, can say out your ideas, let the owner to introduce, not familiar with don't decide, you can't we professional oh. 4, service, credibility the hehe is known to all, there are problems to return, consulting, professional solutions, etc. This is very important. Be sure to find a warm-hearted, patient's owner.
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