Adult supplies industry rise, why many people still struggling?

by:Cupidove     2020-03-25
Adult supplies industry rise, why many people still struggling? Time: 2019 07 - 05 source: author: reading: in recent years, the wave of entrepreneurship is still across all industries, according to data, according to a newly registered companies for 1 a day on average. 060000 households. That is to say, every minute there is 7 company was founded, and the sex industry through the spring breeze, people also gradually from the secrets of the difficult areas into public view. In recent years, the adult shop quickly and quietly appear in every corner of the city streets, and the sex industry overall gross margin is more than 60%. 1, adult supplies franchise brand but there was none to eat & other; Cake & throughout; Now, with the coming of the era of Internet, the adult supplies of industrial ecology are also been quietly changed, only from taobao, according to data on taobao every year the number of buying sex toys at a speed of more than 50% growth. All kinds of channels to retailers in the rapidly growing at the same time also has become the darling of the capital. Although in recent years, however, most venture project aimed at the sex industry, but in social environment, is still relatively conservative sex toy is still a relatively private goods, sex toys electricity this big cake, although broke the traditional bondage, users but still difficult to divide in real sense. 2, sex industry to get rid of porn, sex toys shadow and erotic products have essentially difference, however, today's intelligent interest products in addition to the target user is different from traditional products, the characteristics of itself, has led to the style of the sex industry presents the trend of porn. The current situation, domestic concept of sex appeal, although have already begun to awaken, and want to taste the product benign development, must be sex toys from porn edge back to porn. 3, a new positioning of the sex toy brands established interest with intelligent running along the road, also increase the opportunity to the appeal of the new product. Net fruit as a well-known brand of sex toys, clearly positioning, more is to promote women's self awareness and self feeling, is not bound by men, and should pay more attention to their feelings. The appeal of the market in the future, net fruit can still leads the market appeal. Under the baptism of the Internet, the appeal of the previous Chinese ashamed electricity, hormones virgin land economy is becoming a large number of entrepreneurs to compete to advance. The development of the whole industry is entering a new round of peak, this is everyone can give you great opportunity. For the industry understand persistence and hone product companies or individuals, it would be a blessing.
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